Elusive Target #2 The Congressman (Re-Activation) Dec. 1st


I totally fudged SA on this one. Thought I had a chance to lethal syringe the guy in the library since his guards were all looking the wrong way only to realize the waiter he’s with could see me around the bookshelf corner (I couldn’t see him).


Got out alive though… oh well. I’ll be more careful with The Prince.


Feels Good Man

[Also: Agent 47 needs to iron his shirt… or at least steam it]


Also, isn’t it a bit tight? :thinking: or has 47 let himself go a little?



It is modern fashion now.

if you got it… show it.

And 47 has a LOT of it. :sunglasses:


Completed yesterday. I followed the safe route: emetic poison on wine glass and then drown his fucking face on the toilet.

Pretty boring target imo. Very limited routines and few interesting opportunities on him. I don’t bother neither to retry it. The Forger was definetly a more interesting target.

At last, an easy silent assassin (my 2nd by far) and another nice suit unlocked.


Ep2 of this bullshit. Lol
Agent nearly ruined entire mission. Lost target and striker has to compensate.


@cjgarof :slight_smile:
The Congressman w/ Flying Fire Extinguisher

Somewhat Longplay with a slight cut cuz I changed my mind when I was setting up the FE, and rightfully so



Wish I had extra accounts to do a lab cleanroom poison kill, or a floorbang stalactite drop onto the virus + Congressman simultaneously. Would be about as annoying as the church bell and tower push runs though, with all the necessary luring. :pensive:


On Xbox I can create as many account as I want and as long as my main account (which purchased the game) is signed-in, then any of my other accounts can play the game, allowing multiple plays of ETs; I’m assuming the same is true for PS. Someone mentioned this on my YouTube channel, but I hadn’t realised, that you can’t do that on PC (with Steam). Does this really mean that you’d need to purchase the game for each new account?


On ps4 every account can play every game installed, and on pc you can use family share to play it on other accounts :wink:


Silent Assassin w/ Cannon


No, I didn’t try with any of the vials, just with the syringe a couple of times. That’s all the accounts I’ve got on Xbox, and couldn’t be doing with the hassle of making more. :sleeping:


This took longer than I expected. But I got him without being spotted.


I love that that killed him XD


My run:

This one was quite (too) easy. I still enjoyed it though. :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks for the info man. I assumed you guys just had all the megabucks.


It’s only as easy as you make it, though, right? This is something that is in your total control. If you want something not as easy, try doing something more difficult and challenge yourself. Why do you go for an easy solution and then say it’s easy? Try doing a loud shotgun, no ko run and tell me it’s easy. :grin:


I got a challenge for someone on this target.

Have Caruso kill the Congressman.
Place golf ball in basket, have Congressman stand right by. Have Caruso blow himself and Congressman up with golf swing.

Laugh all the way to the exit. Lol.


I’m gonna do it!! 202020202020