Elusive Target #2: THE STOWAWAY (Reactivated 23 September - 3 October 2022)

There are 3 possible ways you could have unlocked the Tuxedo, Mask and Gloves in Hitman 3:

  1. You unlocked the suit in Hitman 2 and did the progress transfer to Hitman 3 on the same platform.
  2. You unlocked the suit when The Stowaway was active the first time around (March 19 - March 29 of 2021)
  3. You unlock the suit during the second time the ET is active (now - October 3)

#1 is unlikely to be how most people unlocked it given how exponentially better Hitman 3 has sold compared to Hitman 2. #2 is also unlikely given how he was ran before there were any sales for Hitman 3 and there’s been an almost 18 month gap for people to have bought the game but not had a chance to unlock the suit, including the big launch of the game on Steam. My point being, there’s a whole lot more than 1% of players who haven’t unlocked the suit yet.

As for why they chose The Stowaway instead of The Appraiser, IO’s live team has been focused on the big things this year, and they don’t want to invest resources into developing many other things. They’re getting a ton of mileage out of ETs in Year 2 because there’s not much else to offer, so of course they’re going to bring back all the ETs they can. There is a very high probability that The Appraiser will also be a Year 2 ET in the future.

The Stowaway is pretty simple, but he’s definitely not the easiest ET in the game, that honor goes to The Liability who can be killed in 10 seconds and still is pathetically easy even doing an SASO no knockout no loadout run.

Also, if you don’t want to play The Stowaway, you don’t have to. Nobody is forcing you to play the mission.

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Bruh, I know I don’t have to play it, but I’m saying that reactivating the Appraiser is a better choice, not by that much, but indeed better, and let’s be honest, current player base has way more players that have stick with this game since Hitman 1 + 2, and less that only joined in 3, so you can’t tell me that most players missed the opportunity, not only that, but this ET was ran into the ground already with it’s 2nd reactivision in this installment, numerous reactivions in H2 and multiple ETA appearences, the only reason for anyone to actually want to have this particular ET reactivated is a cosmetic, and it doesn’t even apply to everyone since mist of the current playerbase has already acquired this suit.

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Fair point totally forgot that you dont like to bonk people out and stuff so getting to the top ro Sofia’s office is gonna be hard there!

Well, I can, if I go for a direct kill, but I’m more concerned with how many KO’s and what disguised I’ll need to accomplish it. This sounds like something I might try in Arcade.

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Simple: IO pledged to have all non-Miami H2 ETs live during Year 2. As it’s an ET from H2, it was used.


Appraiser > Stowaway

Good thing then that Appraiser is also a H2 ET, so it will be live at some point before the end of the year.

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Not so sure about it, is there any time for it?

Why wouldn’t there be? It’s only September.


Oh yeah, in H2 only sgail had more than 1 ET, so I guess next month?

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I don’t think that they’d do two Isle of Sgail ETs in back-to-back months. I’d expect The Politician first tbh to break them up a little bit.

the only et i want to see is the sensation and the warlord

Is there any hope that Miami’s suits and props will appear in the form of future challenges? Although the expectations are unrealistic, it is really out of print

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They’re not. Travis has already said he has a personal goal to see those unlocks from the Miami ET allocated a place elsewhere in H3 for players that don’t have them already.


Sure it night be fun!

They did The Food Critic and The Ex-Dictator in back-to-back months

What in the wretched fuck happened to the aprons?!

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It’s a bug that started with the Ambrose island update. It seems to affect all aprons regardless of location.


I have not seen that until today. When did that update happen? An update to Ambrose Island, or the update that added Ambrose Island? Because I know for a fact I’ve played this map and others since then and never seen the aprons like this.

The one that added Ambrose. And I saw someone post about it in the bug report thread. And I know I’ve seen it on the aprons in Sapienza, Mendoza and Sgail for both male and female npcs. I haven’t checked all the other locations, but it’s reasonable to figure that it would affect those since it’s probably all the same mesh.

Edit: the bug was posted 20 days ago: HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread - #3155 by louislamkm