Elusive Target #2: THE STOWAWAY (Year 3: 23 June - 3 July 2023)

I play without the minimap, so I’m really happy they added the trespassing sound effect.

Anyway, never did this ET, as I was taking a long break at the time to play some RPG I was really focused on. Looking forward to loading it up tonight. Not a huge ET fan, but any new content is good content.


Bleh, idea of strangling Chen as Blake with necklace turned out to be pretty bleak. Still happy I pulled off what I’ve wanted to.


I just drowned him, simple as that.

However, on the first time I “accidentally” poisoned Sophia (I didn’t think she would eat the food because she never does that unless I’ve met him as Block, something has changed) because I just wanted to try to serve the food to her to hear what she had to say, I was surprised to see that she actually ate it this time lol.


Simply disguised as a guard and shot him in the head when he went into the bathroom.

Simple and easy.


LOL, I hate elusive targets. Got him just fine using a seiker and throwing him out a window, but got seen by a camera. Went to take out the evidence like I have 1,000 times before and of course I select the wrong gun and uzi the whole room, causing me to get 2 stars as I ran the hell out of there. :rofl:

In all honesty though these are kinda cool moments as long as you’re not anal about getting perfect scores.


I did it. But it was messy as hell, cause the stupid guard outside the bathroom saw his body as i was leaving the room, and then everyone just got super mad as I was heading for the exit. It’s a good job I know that map so well, cause I had to hide in box until the heat died down and then I just made a run for it.

Whatever. In my defense it was 3 in the morning when I did this.


Here is the actual wr? by me


Whoa. Hell yeah, congrats dude.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Weird - this one crashes on launch for me. Verified the game and it still happens.

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Suit Only/Silent Assassin/5 Star Rating
No Subdue/No Pacify
No Cameras Destroyed
No Evidence Destroyed
No Distractions Of Coins Or Bullets Used
No Alarm Triggered
No Weapon Drops
Body Hidden
Fibre Wire Kill Only
Sieker 1 (3 Rounds Used)
Emetic Grenade Thrown Perfectly @ Jimmy Chen’s feet as he walks past.

Smoothest way I could think of, without being seen much :slightly_smiling_face:


lmao, amazing. It still crashed a bunch even with my GPU fans at max - I was biting my nails the whole way through. I bug Chen when he snaps a photo, he wanders into a storeroom, I fibre wire him, great, everything’s good…

…I realize that the Saved Loadout means that I had forgotten my lockpick. The crate in the storeroom is behind a locked door, I think. I have to leave him unhidden.

Cue a frenzied scramble towards every exit that’s nearby and not behind a locked door or Max Suspicion in a waiter costume. Finally, I scale the outside of the castle to sneak past the archaeology crew, thanks to a cunningly placed series of scavenged coins and tokens. I scramble down the ladder just as one of the workers turns around and gets to 90% suspicion - but not 100%. Boom, first Silent Assassin ET, with a blistering thirteen minute time.


I find it ridiculous that those of us who have played Hitman 1 and 2 again have the same elusive targets , we are forced to play them for the second time.

I simply started as a Custodian, used the remote emetic device hidden in a briefcase. Dropped the briefcase by his feet when he’s near a bathroom. Triggered the device inside. Waited for him to go puke in the toilet. Drowned his ass. Accident kill so no need to hide the body since they removed the box in the bathroom for this ET.

Then I used the helicopter exit. Quick and easy.


Nice one. Some of my favourite memories of ETs have been the ones where I’ve only just survived by the skin of my teeth (The Warlord was particularly hairy for me in H1), and my favourite ever ET video is Kotti’s No Restarts near-trainwreck on the Ex-Dictator. As much as cool inventive kills and super-impressive SASONKO runs are, nothing’s quite as fun to watch as someone planning a clean hit, failing to execute it, but still just barely making it out alive.


Yeah, as popular as BigMooney’s kill everything videos are it’s actually his contracts and escalations that I enjoy the most for that reason. He tries for SA but when stuff goes bad he just runs with it, and I think that’s very entertaining. Unfortunately when you watch streamers try and do cool stuff they usually just get mad and yell at the game over and over until it works, but Mooney is very easy going about it and genuinely seems to enjoy playing.


Don’t worry new Elusive Targets are coming for H3 levels.

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Is it me or were the Hitman 2 elusive targets besides the undying really poor? Even the undying was basically Robert Knox’s route with a fresh coat of paint. I think what makes this worse is the fact that we only got 6.
Also we didn’t get a mumbai target which was a huge shame.


No one is forcing you to play them, you’re choosing too…

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