Elusive Target #2: THE STOWAWAY (Year 4: June 7-17 2024)

Selecting “Start recording” under the Capture & share menu allows you to record for up to 10 minutes, as long as you hit record before doing it instead of after.


Strange, I checked those settings before and I’ve only seen the option for 3 minutes, even when I’m under 720p. I’m on a series x, so this doesn’t seem like a hardware issue.

@linux_penguin @Charlie_Farmer Thanks for telling me though about the longer record times though. There must be something I’m just not understanding to change it.

Edit: It might be because I never set it up to record to an external drive in settings.

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This might be a silly question but how do I embed a Youtube video. I tried with hyperlink and it just gave me hyperlink only.

Pasting the copied URL address should work. At least, that’s how it works on a browser on PC. I’m not sure how it’d work on a mobile device since I’ve never bothered or had to use that method.


You can copy/paste something like ^that and it should do this…

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thanks. It works for me.

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Started as a chef/kitchen assistant. Did a gun lure near one of the corners he goes to in the gallery since I’ve got a feel for how it works! Lead him down to the pantry, melee kill with a knife, and stuffed into a freezer. Exited by the 3 guards. SA

If I unlocked a rubber duck for every time I have killed jimmy I would probably have 5 ducks in every colour of the rainbow


So…here’s something I didn’t see coming. This mission did not annoy me…

For reasons I cannot explain, the tutorialisation for this mission appears to have been…altered? Like, Diana was completely silent when coming across Chen, and his routine has also been changed. Maybe this was server-side or I was just lucky for the three times I restarted, can anyone confirm this?

This mission is otherwise notorious for being hand-holdey, as any person who has played this contract before in previous activations or in ETA can tell you. The Censor is annoying for similar reasons, as Diana, usually, chimes up to help 47 isolate him, which is completely unnecessary.

This is where my rant would be (and is incoming, the Hitman 2 Elusive Target Video is still being made!) but…this wasn’t triggered. I’m noticing a pattern of IO changing the elusive target missions recently to make them less frustrating (Note the chongqing back-room changes for The Rage).

I killed Chen pretty quickly, though with a method I hadn’t done before; leaking gas canister and a spark provided by the Remote EMP charge, and then it was a matter of waiting out the search and guards…and a phone call of a woman chatting to her boyfriend who is more interested in golf than her which was hilarious.

This might actually get bumped up to B-tier (from E tier) if this was indeed a change rather than my luck.