Elusive Target #20: THE REVOLUTIONARY (8 - 18 July 2022)

oh yeah but i already did the Revolutionary last week

but the the food critic one which i did not get silent assasin rip because of the punch glitch

The Food Critic is an annoying ET. What’s the punch glitch?

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basically if you try to sudue or inject him or fibre wire i forgot if he or she looking they used their head turn and it just happens this was like this in hitman 2016

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@zombiestien567 @sammland i just dunked a propane behind him, left the micro taser, ran for the hills, blew him up, and got silent assassin. tbh with the next et i think i’ll try to find a way to add flare to it. also that sucks to hear the game got weird with ya.

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However I used the big guy (firecrackers) :rofl::rofl:

the big one. yeah i took the gas strategy for the food critic.

well done Agent MJ the money has been wired to your account

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My only problem with this ET is Murillo’s speech almost always cutting out. They really need to fix this otherwise you might have to spend hours to hear all his possible dialogue. I mean I assume its a glitch but then again it could just simulate poor signal or connection or something.

That’s some ugly glitch!

Yes, he’s an heavy, really heavy drinker :rofl:

i know right if you are trying that at any target or an guard that happens to me 5 times

I feel you. I’m redoing Sapienza and there is always someone who notices me doing bad things from afar. I’ve done it in the past but now they got a sixth sense for the things i do. Let me be 47!

i feel for you aswell my friend

@47Agent MORE WINE!!! wonder if ya get the reference.

Sorry i don’t at the moment.

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if 47 agent does then i can’t wait to see what fresh meme he’ll create.

I don’t mean to be picky, but can the title be corrected to elusive target #20? the gunrunner was number 19.

Done. :+1:

I don’t think The Gunrunner ever made it into @Count.Rushmore’s List of Elusive Targets and that threw the numbering off.


Thanks! I know, I’ve asked him to update it.

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