Elusive Target #20: THE REVOLUTIONARY (8 - 18 July 2022)

i know right if you are trying that at any target or an guard that happens to me 5 times

I feel you. I’m redoing Sapienza and there is always someone who notices me doing bad things from afar. I’ve done it in the past but now they got a sixth sense for the things i do. Let me be 47!

i feel for you aswell my friend

@47Agent MORE WINE!!! wonder if ya get the reference.

Sorry i don’t at the moment.

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if 47 agent does then i can’t wait to see what fresh meme he’ll create.

I don’t mean to be picky, but can the title be corrected to elusive target #20? the gunrunner was number 19.

Done. :+1:

I don’t think The Gunrunner ever made it into @Count.Rushmore’s List of Elusive Targets and that threw the numbering off.


Thanks! I know, I’ve asked him to update it.

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