Elusive Target #20: The Warlord

Elusive Target 20 has two objectives:

(1) Eliminate Adeze Oijofor & (2) Retrieve Maps and Digital Files

Leak briefing (first version I guess):

[spoiler]Good afternoon, 47.

Your target is Adeze Ojoifor, also known under her war name of Nna Obara, or “Bloody Mamma.” She operates groups of militants and bandits across West Africa and controls a sizeable chunk of the rare-earth trade out of that region. Following French interventions across the sub-continent, she is looking to secure her legacy by connecting her son with Richard Ekwensi.

She is currently staying at the Praya Cosmopolitane where her entourage has taken over an entire floor while she waits for Ekwensi to arrive.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.[/spoiler]


This screenshot looks like she is in that sitting area right outside 47s apartment, where those 2 guards walk past it. Guessing she’ll have the whole hotel area locked down.

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Praya Cosmopolitan? That’s not right. She’s at the Himmapan.


hmm whole floor u say? looks like bad news for blind players.

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Its pretty cool that Warlord and Ex-Dictator protably takes place in Same Week or Day

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I hope this doesn’t have an Ex-Dictator thing where the area suddenly goes hostile.


She already looks amazing! Just what I was expecting from such a cool description of character. I hope she actually makes the Himmapan feel well used in the areas where she is going to be.
And with double objective. Pure love with Bangkok this time!


It certainly seems like it… But ofcorse IOI might change things this time.

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They are probably both the same event. One contract is where Ekwensi gets there first and the other is where Oijofor gets there first.

They were lying to us, 20th ET had to take place in Hokkaido, I remember what they wrote.

Planning to take her out with the Machete :wink: but if i find an easier way i will take it.
This is my final SA for unlocking the Winter Suit, don’t want to mess it up.


Already got all my suits so I’ll gladly be murdering her in whatever way I please. :grin:

Shit I might even try to do a mass murder run.


I guess they changed it because most people who bought the disc edition didn’t reach Hokkaido yet.

Already looking forward to ‘The Warlord’. I think I will try SA/SO with Machete. There’s nothing to lose since I’ve already got every available suit.


She is related with the Ekwenzi family. I like these connections between ETS. Also her son should be a target as Ekwenzi’s wife


Gonna try and kill her with her own Machete, lol


nice ET, i already have winter suit, but i will try to SA/SO to challenge myself .)


Looks like it’s located by the bar on the first floor.


Who is gonna use her own machete on her then?


I think everyone. There’s only one chance to use it on her, and this is that chance :smiling_imp:

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Very nervous about this, I play on a strict no-restarts basis (go #TeamNoRestarts!), and so far my record in Bangkok is spotty: had my only ET fail (so far) on the Food Critic, and didn’t get SA on the Ex-Dictator (albeit from what others have found with the insta-hostile zones, maybe I should just be happy I made it out alive).

Still 3 SA rankings away from my Winter Suit since the updated Elusives reward system (7/13 SA ratings under the old system, but a mere 2/6 SA ratings since ET14!) so I’ll be playing for an SA rating, but with Bangkok being second only to Colorado in the maps-I’m-the-least-proficient-at stakes and with the Warlord being the kind of target who might have insta-hostile zones just like the Ex-Dictator did, I think this could be a tricky one for me.