Elusive Target #20: The Warlord

Why do you always ko so many people. You are so violent :frowning:

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You know I’m beary naughty, my dear TB. ÒwÓ

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I can deal with naughty, but not with violence

What a shame, but here it needed to be done.

Good to know that there’s a survelliance tape in the Penthouse floor

My loadout for the ET. Going for an SA No Ko. Only one disguise change to a Security Guard.


Grrrr! :rage:

Anyway… A few restarts later; The Setup. Less easy than the electro-phone, but still reliable once you know where the target smokes (thanks intel picture! :smiley: ).

The payoff. Now to retrieve the USB! :smirk:

Cashing that check! :money_mouth_face:

Yeah. I took my time with this one. It’s too risky with her entourage of guards. :chicken:

Although, in one run I poked her with an emetic syringe (why not lethal poison? Shut-up, I’m playing! and I wanted to do something different) and I would’ve drowned her in the toilet, but 2 of her guards came in right behind her to observe her puking. Must’ve been quite interesting.


I tried a simple Silent Assasin.
Unlike in H2016 I failed at it misserably.
Lucklly I made it out alive so I sitll got the suit.


IO’s tweet about the suit issue says they’ll award the suit to those that didn’t get it - hopefully it awards the challenge too, otherwise this completionist will be sad.

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They said you’ll get the suit after the time period of the ET is over.

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And my post acknowledged that. They haven’t mentioned anything about the challenge itself, just the unlock.

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When this happened with the Italian Suit, they awarded the challenge aswell. They have to, because the challenge is tied to the unlock.

First Impressions
I haven’t gone through this thread, but am I the only one who’s impressed with this ET? I’m assuming I must be because this is the first time I’ve seen and tried this ET and I’ve never heard anyone go on about it before, it’s always “The Prince!” or “The Undying!” etc, but I don’t recall anyone ever going “The Warlord is one of the best! Can’t wait for it!”

This is exactly what ETs should be: Completely change NPC and item placement in a notable chunk of the map (Penthouse in this case). Plus it’s cool to see soldiers roaming the grounds of the hotel, something you just never get to see in any other circumstance in the entire game. I’d go so far as to say this ET changes more NPCs than any of the Special Assignments… which is a bit awkward. It puts the whole penthouse area in a new light, plays like a different area now.

I haven’t even found the safe yet, so this is just the first impressions I’m getting from my scouting runs; I suspect the target herself doesn’t have much dialogue or Opportunities, but enough changes have been made to the map I think it’s a great little experience. It’s especially good to have a non-target objective now that we have the electro phone these days and could just put that at her feet and be done with it, now he have to deal with this bloody safe, wherever it is. Can’t wait to go through this mission properly.

[Oh, I just scrolled up and read some more about this contract and spoiled some things for myself, but frankly it sounds decently made :P]


It’s my favourite ET from S1 because I felt it as a challenge 2 years ago, and also has a lot of great story going on when you listen to her dialogues.


Some black magic definitely at work here… :slight_smile:

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Oi, chap, you gave 'er quite a hanky-panky. How about a pint and a bag of fish and chips?


I didn’t get SA only for a little error. I was trying to make a guard go away from the safe, so I switche on the cleaner outside the security room. But a waiter came and became suspicious. If I didn’t get that little error, I would have get SA

Corky’s Day Out with Nne Obara

Diana, I’m in.

Corky meets Nne Obara: It’s over, Adeze! I have the highground!

Corky and Adeze about to drop a fire mixtape

Corky tricks The Warlord

Uh oh. cocks gun


Wrench still has the sound fx glitch :sleepy:

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