Elusive Target #21: THE EX-DICTATOR (Year 3: 14-24 July 2023)

It’s not a cheeseburger. It’s a burger with cheese. :roll_eyes:



I took “floating” to mean it follows the targets around wherever they go, which isn’t the case. It’s a defined area.

I guess he’s still there. They’ve never removed a main mission target from an ET before.

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I could test this theory since isolating Otis is relatively easy by escorting Ken Morgan to his room as the house staff though I better be prepared to reset quickly if the disguise doesn’t allow access.

I think they removed Tamara Vidal, if I remember right.

And they removed Andrea Martinez from The Revolutionary.

I clearly don’t explore the ETs enough since I never knew either of those were absent. I don’t think I’ve ever looked around for changes - I just want to get in and out asap. :laughing:

I like to “collect” as much unique dialogue from the ET guest characters as possible before completing though sometimes I am curious to see how the rest of the map may or may not have changed.

Let us never forget the best ever Elusive Target video when Kotti played the OG version of this in H1. #TeamNoRestarts ftw


What do you mean, in this ET or in the game in general? If yes, where?

In this ET.‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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I’m pumped they are starting to being back older ETs!!!

Me too. I hope to see some Paris, Sapienza, Bangkok only lineups in the arcade

As for the ET itself it was pretty tough. I isolated the wife on the balcony the food critic is at (which is funny because wen is mentioned in dialogue) but got caught tresspassing trying to walk outside the hotel in the bodyguard outfit and just shot Richard in the head instead and darted out with one star

I was wondering if this ET is really this restrictive but then i saw a video that ritchard can go into that little room to the side if you wait in it and someone here mentioned the wife can follow his corpse? Or at least look for him in that room so it’s not as restrictive as i thought. Looking forward to trying a fibre wire SASO in the arcade

HITMAN 3 | The Ex-Dictator | Did You Miss Me?


Went in 1st with no loadout. I snuck my way into the basement to get a disguise, housekeeping master key, and up to Rm 104 to get the free lethal poison. Avoided all cameras. But I didn’t notice any place to poison either of them. I also brought along a PT for the ol’ reliable/easy method.

I was (or AM) dead tired so there were a few instances where I briefly dozed off while walking around. :laughing:

I then replanned the mission and brought along only a shaman’s powder. Tossed a PT under the table where they sit, subdued the 2 kitchen staff underneath, and stashed their bodies. When the time was right I threw the Shaman’s powder at the ceiling. Got a double accident explosion kill.

I went back up to my suite to get my suit… Had the alarm going off but I was able to make it out. SA, around 16 minutes.

How nice that the bodyguards tell you you can’t come this way. They could even frisk you but also tell you to go via the kitchen… So I did. Didn’t have to get frisked. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not a perfect run - it could be much faster. But still it’s 1:34


That iconic shot from the trailers :boom: :popcorn:



The anxiety those trigger happy guards can produce is obnoxious.


Seeing these different thumbnails confuses me. Does Inez wear a blue or white dress? I don’t see why it would be white seeing as blue is the original but it was the colour in the home page image.

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She’s wearing a white dress but it’s a bug, it should be blue

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