Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


(The picture at first did not load, now it is)
Elusive Target #22 has two objectives: (1) Eliminate Pertti Jarnefelt and (2) Retrieve the ledger.
Note: The target will evacuate if alerted by combat. If the target evacuates, the contract will be failed.

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I can’t see the picture, two objectives in Colorado scares me a bit :fearful:.

This is new, so the target will run for exit rather than hiding in a safe place :flushed:.


Finally. ET that’s really E.


For some reason, the picture did not loaded, I put the website instead.


that is dope. if he evacuates by car im def going for the carbomb


Waits for someone’s run with proximity C4 on the exit


I know there is something wrong with this site and pictures for the moment :flushed:.

Hahaha agree, the target will not run to a safe place he will run for exit and in Colorado things can turn ugly very quickly :joy:.


I doubt the evacuation will be a lockdown and run type situation. Probably just an insta-fail as soon as combat pops up on the screen. Hopefully i’m wrong though.

Edit - I was wrong :slight_smile: Happy about it too.


I even tried to use screenshot and it still didn’t work.


Hm, i don’t know…

Note: The target will evacuate if alerted by combat. If the target evacuates, the contract will be failed.

It sounds to me that we can still kill him while he is running for the exit, i don’t know for sure and i don’t want to test it out :joy:.


Its Bookkeeper, not Boo Keeper


This is awesome. Finally an et that really puts the pressure on you. And I think @JDMHatch_G, he will evacuate like Caruso and Yuki. So time to get him before he leaves.

So I hope you’re wrong. I’ll be disappointed if they do it like you said (insta-fail). I Hope not.


Well since he evacuates, maybe he’s part ghost, cuz you won’t see him if he does. :laughing:


Damn son, looks like Michael Caine is our next target.


I ain’t played Hitman in a while. Hopefully its a good ET :slight_smile:


Been a while since I played as well. I still have plenty to do on it despite it being my most played game on Steam.


Just so everyone is clear, I don’t think you need to be in combat “technically” to have him evacuate. I think any form of target lockdown will get him to evacuate.

So if you blow something up near him, he may evacuate even if you’re not in combat, just like blowing up a bomb on your room balcony in Hokkaido to get yuki to evacuate right away. I think it will go off the same premise.

Just a guess, so be careful.


First Hitman target from Finland:O Name Pertti is finnish and surname Järnefelt is also finnish



I agree, i never use duck explosion distraction, but it sounds like doing that in this ET would be a bad thing :flushed:.