Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


Collecting footage is proving to be harder than I thought. That bodyguard who can see through any disguise is making it difficult and just when I catch a piece of original dialogue some soldiers nearby start a conversation over it.

It seems that there are four locations he inspects: special ops barn, perimeter security (near the shed where you get the keys for the quad bike), the hackers room, and the explosives area. In each place he is quizzing them about their expenditure.

@Silverballer: I’ve yet to see him go to the safe. Is there some way to trigger that? I wonder if he goes there after you’ve stolen the ledger?


Same here, i tried to follow the target around and hear all the conversations, but the one enforcer made it hard and the talk and subtitle for other near npc’s ruined it as well :cry:, but i used blend in in the house and got close when he was talking to the guard about trained hawks :joy:.


Yes, there have been some very funny lines. When I’m doing these videos I usually try to get at least two clear deliveries and pick the best, but I’m struggling to get just one at the moment. Even though his movements are random, at least when he’s finished in one location he conveniently drops into the conversation where he’s going next, but he takes so long to get there.


Many people think Colorado sucks, and I gotta admit its my least favorite as well. It’s a shame because Cornfield in Absolution was my favorite level, a very hostile map but so much fun, too bad Colorado wasn’t more like that


Not everybody, Marrakesh is my least favorite location, so i like Colorado more than Marrakesh :smiley:.


Colorado is my Third favorite level XD:D


I have observed that there is more than one response at each location, so I’m afraid you have your work cut out for you. Could removing the other guard conversants help?

On a related note, this is pretty much straight up the most evil target we’ve had.


People here are saying he will flee if you subdue one of his guards :scream:.


Yes. I am talking about guards that strike up unrelated conversations in the vicinity, blocking Euler’s clear recordings.


Do you guys want me to post my Blind/No Restarts run??? It is a massive fuckup :wink:


Yes, of course :smiley:.


@ingrobny Ok, it will take a while because I still have to add subtitles :wink:


The equipment I bringed all the time even after the restarts:

This time I will complain because the design for this ET was awful. I had to restart two times because first someone spotted a body hidden in a place where no one locates them and this happened after 30 minutes into the mission. The second time, the guy got stuck at the stairs because I was uncapeable of picking up the Mixtape 47 after placing it and had to restart because it was virtually impossible to get SA as he didn’t moved anymore:

After losing my interest of making a wire kill and also that thanks to a good samaritan that pwrote what happens if you subdue his escort, I went for the cheap but well placed FE kill with a Silverballer shot as the trigger:

Left Mixtape 47 behind to keep the guards looking back so they didn’t got caught in the explosion.
Went for a crowbar into the red barn and uncloked the safe in that room you know where and walked away not before retrieving my Winter Suit.

But what is finishing a bad ET without a final and cringeworthy score screen:

At least it was trolling. It gave me the results after changing menus.

In resume: a bad ET that keeps wasting Colorado’s potential. Such a shame because it has one of the best profiles of the Ets until now.


Hope we get The Clown next :wink:


I played a waiting game for really long because it felt like his route changed when I restarted. I blew him up with that car, but because I expected him to go from the other side of it, I had to change the place of my pale duck so it wouldn’t kill him. He had already called his guard to check out the duck and the guard was too close when I blew the car up so he died too. At least it’s completed, SA isn’t mandatory for me anymore. :^) The Finnish guy is now finished.

Same btw. :smiley:


Really nice to hear:D What are other two:)? Mine are Sapienza and Hokkaido


Exactly the same. :smiley: For me:


How is he the most evil? He’s just immoral, he isn’t actively involved in the business of the people he works for. The Dictator or The Warlord are probably the most evil, being… Y’know, mass-murdering drug lords and corrupt, homicidal dictators…


1: Hokkaido
2: Sapienza
3: Colorado
4: Marrakesh
5: Paris
6: Bangkok


Could have been a great elusive target if they actually darn let you distract the dude or let you subdue his guards.