Elusive Target #22 "The Bookkeeper" 17/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DO NOT SUBDUE THE TARGET'S GUARDS


Elusive target #22 - The Bookkeeper AKA The Sensation 2


No, he’s not like the Sensation. His route is huge… but only 1 or 2 ways to kill him.

So this is the target that the size of route is not proportional to the number of ways to kill him.


Well, at least the only kill method was intended this time.


Someone managed Poison with SA/SO


Elusive Target #22 - The Bookkeeper - Dialogue

Elusive Target #22 - The Bookkeeper - Back To Basics (5:00)


Ugh. I knew I should have put a lockpick in my loadout, but opted to explore the level a little instead, and when the opportunity presented to fire extinguisher The Bookkeeper, I took it and got him without any non-target casualties. But then my lockpicklessness came back to bite me. As I was leaving Rose’s bedroom, having realised I’d need to find a crowbar, one of the Bookkeeper’s now unemployed bodyguards walked in, blocking the doorway and thus leaving me no way to actually follow his command to leave. I ended up having to headshot him after he turned hostile, and then spent a nervous 10 minutes trying to find a crowbar all the while praying that the body didn’t get discovered and attract a gaggle of heavily armed guards between me and the safe. Luck was on my side and I made it out without further killing, but no silent assassin for this clumsy hitman :confused:


I managed to do it with the SA rank. But too bad that subduing the guards was rigged - it was my favourite method. Anyway here’s my first using an extinguisher (seriously) in ET:


I almost isolated the target to strangle him. I filled a room with 6-7 guns. His bodyguards keep taking them leaving the bookkeeper alone, and if stash point was a little bit further they’d leave him alone in some moment. But too tedious work…


I actually tried that, but for me, none of his guards went for any of the guns. They actually called in for other guards to collect it.

Idk I tried everything I could think of to isolate him so I could Fiberwire him… No luck.

I even tried using “The Big One” to have them all look away so I could do it, but didn’t help at all…

If someone did a Fiberwire run, I’d love to see it because as far as I can tell, it’s next to impossible. I hope future Elusives aren’t like the Bookkeeper… Or the Chameleon…

It sucks that both Colorado’s Elusives were bad…


At least he got routine


Yeah that’s true. The Chameleon had no route whatsoever and needed to be specific kill.

This one had a great route, but because of his guards the variety was ruined. It might as well have been kill specific…

Considering probably 98% of people used explosion/accidents (FE PF BC +car)


Escape event was also good opprtunity and i also like when you destroy the car he goes to basement and Diana has different dialogue


That reminds me, did @Euler13 post a dialogue video yet?


Yes, he did. Wasn’t that long ago actually.


20 characters…


Okay great, thanks!
Gonna check that out later to see if there was any I missed.


The Bodyguards of the Pharmacists were the same. I tried to lure one of them away with a gun but instead he called for another guard.

Maybe you can take out the hackers and then use the puke syringe on him when he enters the room without his bodyguards noticing?


Honestly… I tried that too! :joy:

I got rid of the hackers (everyone on that floor to be exact) then placed their bodies in Roses’ bedroom and hid some in the closets. Even took out Rose and his guard. Had the whole top floor all to myself. When the target and his guards came up the stairs, I tried to inject him with the syringe but I didn’t see any opportunity to get him without getting caught…

Tried coins, cowboy bust and baseball for distractions, even tried The Big One, tossed them on the stairs before the target reached the top, hoping everyone including the target would turn around… But they totally ignored it. Even bumped into the target to try and slow him down… Nothing… Lol


I’m trying a machete run tomorrow :wink:


Hahaha good luck getting SA on that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: