Elusive Target #23: The Paparazzo


The Paparazzo is the next Elusive Target to arrive in HITMAN. He will be in Paris for 11 days and if this is the first Elusive Target contract you complete in Paris, you’ll earn the Tuxedo with Gloves for Agent 47. Completing this contract with the ‘Silent Assassin’ rating will also count towards your progress for unlocking the Winter Suit. See below for important details on suit unlocks.


At 14:00 CEST / 05:00 PT on Friday 7th April, we’ll update the Elusive Target tile on the Featured Hub in-game and the contract will be live. Elusive Target #23 will be in Paris for 11 days (264 hours) and there won’t be any second chances. Remember that an Elusive Target cannot be restarted once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed.

Elusive Target #23 has one objective: (1) Eliminate Kieran Hudson.

Elusive Target Rewards

The below image shows all of the suits that can be unlocked through Elusive Targets and the requirements for earning them. When you have unlocked a suit, it will be added to your inventory and can be used in all locations and contracts that allow you to select a starting suit.

This reward structure was introduced on November 18 with Elusive Target 14 and if that was the first ET that you completed, you had the possibility to unlock all of the rewards. As we announced alongside the new rewards in November, if you started playing Elusive Targets after ET 14, or if you have missed/failed too many, you won’t be able to unlock all of the rewards.



Yeeeeeesssss!!! Finally an ET without 2nd objective :wink:


Leaked Briefing:

[spoiler]Good afternoon, 47.

Your target is Kieran Hudson, a controversial tabloid journalist. The client is a former victim of the target’s baseless smear articles and wants the journalist eliminated in retaliation for a particularly destructive series of rumors.

Notoriously difficult to track, the ICA has discovered that the target is in Paris on the trail of fashion designer Sebastian Sato and will almost certainly attempt to get close to him to either interview or take photographs of him.

With the world’s attention on the show and extensive security in place, it will not be easy to locate and eliminate the target without drawing attention.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.[/spoiler]

Target Info:

[spoiler]Kieran Hudson is a paparazzo of the worst sort, entirely willing to steal, cheat and lie to secure compromising stories about celebrities. He is currently targeting Sebastian Sato with the intent of discovering and revealing whatever scandal it is that has forced the designer to “work with the Russians.”

Hudson’s strategy is to relentlessly approach security guards and checkpoints where he will attempt to bluff his way past them in the hopes of finding a hole or catching a single, opportunistic picture.[/spoiler]

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:wink:Good to know. Let’s FE him.

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I’m planning to do a speedrun and a battle axe SA/SO run :wink:

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nice one, will be interesting to lure him and kill SA/SO

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Hope it’s not a “fire extinguisher type”. No opportunity, no quiet moment.

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ohh finally there will be one object

Or poison (syringe) type. These targets need more of a challenge, they’re all so basic :confused:

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Maybe they realized that they would get more players doing ETs by expanding the time it is available again? I bet changing from 2>7 upped their percentage of owners playing ETs.


This one seems to be another revenge contract because this guy apparently created a lot of rumors about a person and the destroyed said person’s life. I’m glad to see the only objective is to take him out. I wonder if like The Broker he has a sole bodyguard to protect him and to compensate this he hangs around in places full of people.


Again they haven’t really made any comment on how many ET’s remain but guessing by the comment in relation to the suit with gloves this may be the last one in Paris, it sound like that to me

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The way I mean it is doing it the old fashion way. Dropping stuff, rig a oil lamp or an electric pool, pushing someone over a rail. Most of the times the targets are in a place where there are no opportunities than killing them with a explosion (FE) or lure them to another room to kill them. Problem is, the route is not comprehensive enough to kill them in a creative way. Poison or FE + BC is the most easy and fast way to do it (not every time before we get mad).

TL;DR: make them feel like an actual mission target like Novikov with big route, much dialoge and different logic opportunities to kill the bastard. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s because easter, starting next week.

As we announced alongside the new rewards in November, if you started playing Elusive Targets after ET 14, or if you have missed/failed too many, you won’t be able to unlock all of the rewards.

lol except they didn’t announce that if you started playing Elusive Targets after ET 14 you won't be able to unlock all of the rewards in November.


IOI don’t have the resources to make this a reality, as much as I like the idea. They can only put so much work into an elusive and have them releasing at 1 or 2 a month, with occasional stars like The Prince and The Warlord. They can’t make every one a ten, which I fear is one of the reasons they’ve been adding so many secondary objectives.

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20 seconds pls. Doesn’t matter this time tho, since they release all the content at once hehueheuheuheuhfeuhfuehrfusehfusehfusehfusehfseuhf

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“However, if you wait too long and miss/fail too many Elusive Targets, you won’t be able to unlock all of the rewards.” - written in the blogpost of the original suit rewards announcement. Are you guys getting your information from anywhere other than the primary official news feed?

Edit: bonus link to @scat1620 (who ‘liked’ Spodey’s incorrect post above…) starting a discussion about the limited number of ETs insinuated in the original blogpost:

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Oooh I just want my Winter Suit! One more SA, hope I don’t mess it up, 22/22 eliminated so far :slight_smile:

They said that in November, they had announced that starting after ET 14 would mean there was no way to get all suits. In the original blog post, they hadn’t mentioned that.

Also fairly certain they’ve said disc buyers could unlock all suits (don’t remember the source tho) - which is just a lie :stuck_out_tongue:

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