Elusive Target #23: THE SURGEONS (Year 3: 15 - 25 September 2023)

Steal the Disposable Scrambler from the security room and use it to free Smith for his Master RFID chip?

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Mm-hmm. Well rather, I’m just using the scrambler to get the syringes.


Okay well I did it. But in the run I completed and recorded, the timing on everything went wrong after I got the syringes. Took like 15 minutes instead of a tight 5. Things did not go like they did in my practices and this was not at all a flow-state run.

But that’s the beauty of this game, and I love it.



I know of two ways of getting the syringes in a SONKO No Loadout way. You can get the scrambler from the security room or


sabotage the stem cells to make a surgeon go downstairs and open the door to the syringes for you.


Ah, totally forgot about that second method. It’s been a while since I played the mission in Hokkaido. Although, can you sabotage the stem cells with an empty inventory?

What I did was pull the fire alarm to get the guards moving. Then I used a crowbar (from the pilot’s stash room) to get the scrambler.

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You can, the doors to the stem cells control don’t have a key card reader.

I always forget that you can trigger a fire alarm to get NPCs to move out of the way. What I did was taking advantage of the guards routine path.

Video of me getting the Scrambler SONKO with no loadout


Diabolically clever! Nicely done.


Like many, I’ve been playing WOA since the first release in 2016… and there were plenty of challenges that required us to use custom made contracts to complete them. Well, when it came to ‘The Groom’, I was pretty proud of myself because I completed the challenge while taking out The Surgeons. It was exciting combining an already tough challenge, with a two target Elusive Target. (This is back when we really dreaded them and failure was always around the corner, and we treasured our ET suits, and sat with great disappointment if we were unsuccessful).

Well, when we transferred our data and lost our challenge completions, it became a challenge I didn’t want to accomplish again. Until now… about 7 years later, I went for it, and took them out again and got my challenge completed!

I am still loving this game after all these years, and finding ways to challenge myself.

Here is the short version of my run:
Hitman The Groom Challenge on The Surgeons (Short Version)

Long version (full 7 minute run):
HITMAN The Groom Challenge on The Surgeons (Full Run)