Elusive Target #24: THE APPRAISER (Year 3, 21 - 31 July 2023)

Miranda Jamison, once again roaming the Isle of Sgàil for 10 days. Will you follow the prophetic words of Saint Clemens, and cause a deadly slip as Agent 17, or strike from within as the Sandman, or will you do something a bit more interesting (sorry).


If you own Hitman III, you can practice this Elusive Target MULTIPLE times in the Arcade:

  • Level 3 of 3 of The Codices, with No Civilian Casualities optional complication,
  • Level 2 of 3 of The Genera, with No Recordings optional complication,
  • Level 2 of 3 of The Indices, with One Pacification optional complication,
  • Level 3 of 3 of The Entrepreneurs, with Additional Enforcers, or
  • Level 3 of 3 of The Detours, with Kill Method Accident optional complication.

HITMAN 2 - Elusive Target #3 Full Mission Briefing - YouTube
Good evening, 47. Your target is Miranda Jamison, famous art appraiser and director of the Gorka Institute in Barcelona.

Mrs. Jamison is one of the key drivers of the extensive price fixing that takes place in the art world. Her callous approach to fine arts business has destroyed countless gallaries, and resulted in the suicides of several artists ruined by her actions.

Two weeks ago, Jamison hired a gang of thieves to steal a valuable painting from a former client. Jamison aims to impress adventurer Blake Nathaniel with the stolen artwork, but the owner has discovered her involvement and hired the ICA to retire her and retrieve her personal notebook.

The client wants Jamison eliminated before the artwork is revealed, so time is of the essence. Good luck, 47.

  • Eliminate Miranda Jamison
  • Retrieve the Notebook


Miranda Jamison, The Appraiser

Born in England, Miranda Jamison (née Parker) developed an appreciation for fine arts at an early age and, thanks to her obvious talents and hard work, managed to attend Cambridge University from whence she accumulated multiple degrees in business and fine arts history.

From there, Jamison went to work in various high-profile museums and was trained as a junior appraiser at a large American auction house. It was here she met the highly renowned art critic Alistair Jamison, who took her under his wing and trained her as a professional. The pair eventually became romantically involved and, despite a substantial age difference, married when Miranda was 28 and Alistair was 62. Miranda eventually became her husband’s superior and gained a legendary sense for the value of historic objects, earning her the respect of many within the field.

At the age of 36, Miranda was widowed and at the funeral of her husband, she was approached by a group of men who explained to her that her husband had been involved in a complicated price fixing scheme. The group offered her his former role and access to the most prestigious art in the world. After some deliberation, she agreed. From then on, things escalated quickly.

Jamison modernized the price fixing methodology of both galleries and auction houses, introduced multiple new practices to keep gallery prices secret and callously dumped a large group of artists who saw their works turn worthless overnight. The consequences of this famous “crimson period” were vast for artists and minor collectors, who lost both their fortunes and, in some cases, committed suicide.

Initially hit by critique from some of the bigger collectors, the rise in value of the remaining works convinced them that the approach worked from a business point of view. Within five years, Miranda Jamison became not only a member of the art appreciation elite of the world but also a member of the secretive Ark Society. She now runs the largest art price fixing scheme in the world and is involved in everything from money laundering to tax evasion as a consequence.

Now, Jamison is looking to expand her reach into the highest of tiers. To achieve that, she has stolen a painting from Randall Pryce, a former client of hers who had offered to sell it to her for $100 million – a price so ridiculous not even Jamison wanted to pay it. Jamison plans to “gift” the painting to The Ark Society in the name of famed adventurer Blake Nathaniel in the hopes that he will introduce her to his ultra-wealthy contacts.

Draft credit to: @Kesington019


i might try something diffrent approch to kill her


Im gonna send her to hell in a fashionable way:
Knight disguise, battleaxe kill

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She has the distinct honor of being the best ET on the Isle of Sgail!


can someone add the briefing for the appraiser??

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Not really interested in already completed ETs at this point beyond having the challenge checked in the game record, so I won’t be doing anything special with her on this run. Flaming death as usual, just to be done with it, although still maintaining 5 star/SA status.

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may i use your draft??


Go ahead, could you make sure to hide details for the briefing, objectives and intel though? I know it can be quite a drag scrolling past all that text, plus it will prevent spoilers for new players.


I have the video down the bottom if you want to watch it

Currently, I’m not sure I could do something interesting with her, even because Sgail is a pain in the ass for a sonko run (at last for me). I’ll try something in the Arcade meanwhile, hoping for a slightly interesting challenge over than blow or burn her ass.

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Well, at least I can do THIS without any soul-crushing repercussions this time…


'Cause this is a thriller… thriller night :axe: :bat:


Fiber wire kill and sonko.


Is it possible to meet her as Blake? Since the briefing mentions her being there to impress him.

The prophecies of Clemens will always come to fruition…




Miranda discovered why you don’t smoke at the pump.



@Peterchu, it is not. There is no interaction if you disguise yourself as Blake. What it does though is eliminate a collateral and allows to do the following :


drop a breaching charge on her blow her up got the notebook and ran to the exit silent assassin