Elusive Target #24: The Bad Boy

How the hell did you get him up there? coins?

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Well my plan didn’t work and I don’t have enough patience like Urben so I’m just gonna go for a SASO.

First I wanted to use weapon trick, but he placed himself that comfortable so I needed just couple of coins to get him there

Yeah I assume weapon trick is a bit difficult with him. Maybe ko everyone around him and then have him see u.

SASO!KO Fiber Wire

Funny thing is that he doesn’t even act like a V.I.P, as in he doesn’t send his bodyguards to check it when you throw a distraction. So it was an easy coin tossing into the basement and then place a gun and a briefcase.

I first thought of emetic poisoning both bodyguards but as you can see, I didn’t have to.

I just included the last part because it’s very boring to watch. I didn’t really have a plan so I was just by the freezer behind the counter while testing stuff.


First tries: tried to get him to go upstairs (like I did in H2016) by shooting the ceiling, but it kept saying ‘Bullet Impact Noticed’. I brought along a lethal syringe in hopes of poking him on the 2nd floor. So I had to scrap that idea.

Eventually poisoned his bottle, and shot the light to get the Q&A session going. Waited near the exit and got SA.


Last time I killed this dude was with the Fibre Wire. New Strategy for this version.

An Emetic Syringe for You!

And one for You!

And the last one for You!

And a Little Push For You! Easy Strategy & No Coins/No Subdues/No KO’s needed…I’ll share the gameplay once the video is uploaded…….


My SASO run on The Badboy, I got fiber wire from agency pickup, but didn’t feel as confident as I should’ve, though here it is.


Full gameplay uploaded. Anyone can do this method with ease.


Wow I just let me casually shot to death. I really shouldn’t do that absent-minded. Rip :laughing: I don’t want to risk not getting all suits in the end. Soo… To the alt it goes. Though I have some trouble to find a good idea on this map.


Does he come to investigate only when the car’s been destroyed or just when alarm set off?

Would be nice to explode him along with his beloved car :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing happens when alarm is shouting

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I truly dislike this ET.

Even with a SA run under 5 minutes, I really dislike this target. He is beyond boring and you have to force any action from him.


This target is indeed boring as fuck. However, I have a plan so stupid and so time-consuming that it might turn out alright enough.

Best of luck, bro. My plan was fortunately not time-consuming but is also not spectacular.

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His creepy fan made more of an impression of me then he did.

Assuming I’m thinking of the right ET. Or was it the default Icon map. That’s kind of how forgettable I thought it was.

I used your Emetic Syringe approach, but tweaked it to be a violent Violinist!


I found an extremely easy method for myself. Probably not the first to do it, of course.


So it turns out the guards protecting their client’s car, aren’t actually allowed in to see their client…



Technically, you’re trespassing on the film set, and you would need to enter through the front door or basement entrance. I’m not defending it as good design, since you can clearly see two other bodyguards posted there, but I can kind of see why that is what it is.