Elusive Target #25 The Fugitive (23/06/2017 - 03/07/2017)


Well sucks that I missed this ET but the good news is I’m in my new house and the internet has been set up today.


congratulation my friend :tada:


The Fugitive is going to be live, again.


Here have an easy tutorial how to identify him:


I can’t top myself. will not even try.


There’s a way to top that :stuck_out_tongue:


Target is live by mistake, on PS4 at least.


Seems like Travis needs to get into it again. :joy:


Are we this far already? Damn…


They skipped around the Paparazzo and the Bad Boy, and we’ve also still got the Pharmacist up at some point (which I assume is why we’ve seen a shift in order).


I did a couple of runs. First one is no-restarts, I think that the random nature of this contract lends well to that style even with prior intel (which I had, I knew about the director’s computer and had a vague idea of target pathing from playing last year). Managed SA, drowning.

The second is a no loadout fugu run, 1:37



he arrived lol



Italian Suit in Hokkaido? People like you make me sick.


Where’s the September roadmap??


Being on the road to us.


i actually rather enjoyed my kill on this target back when it first came around :sunglasses:




This looks exciting!! Wish me luck guys :smile:


Fun target