Elusive Target #25 The Fugitive (23/06/2017 - 03/07/2017)


Yeah, it is. You just would get a non-target kill if you got the wrong one. And restart until you get the right one.


Oh right. I thought it would fail the contract, my mistake.


I made this way more complicated than it needed to be. But he’s dead.


If you know the game mechanics well enough it can be quite likely to find the same strat. I know both are very skilled.


I am not certain but I suspect this is going to fail with the way the stuff works now. I think leaving too soon drops a star now, it got nerfed during HM1 for some kills, now you’ll possibly either lose a star for doing that or lose a star anyway when someone sees the body.


You have to wait 1.3s or something, which they did in the video.


In that case it might work. Not trying to argue but for something as “important” as an ET safer to be on the, er, safe side. I had a few points where waiting was needed to get SA in HM2, too soon failed.


Yeah I can see you rather want to be safe. ETs are quite a deal to get the desired suit unlocks. :smiley:


It was more for others who might think “oh that’s okay” but without the right level of knowledge of game mechanics just seemed right to post a warning. Okay, most speedrunners have a reasonable clue of course. I’d be very unlikely to attempt a speed-run of an ET, I’m very very very very very very very very very very cautious with those. Even restarted “The Revolutionary” about six times for almost no reason whatsoever in retrospect!


was that my video on the deleted post?


Yours and fkgfw’s.


if only these people watched my streams or knew me just a little, this kind of stupid comment wouldnt happen.

i REFUSE to watch any speedrun until mine is done. i create my strats from scratch LIVE, step by step. many times taking days to put it together. every single et was done live, every record ive got was made it live. so as the strats. and the many, many fails.


I am beyond pumped for this tomorrow. First ET on Legacy maps (with proper knowledge of the restart conditions) for me


I got so hyped, made myself a cup of tea andddddd I got the timing wrong, hour early :upside_down_face:


Here, I repost a tutorial on how to identify and kill him suit only!


Haha! Nice rating.

20 Characters.


Oh you crazy roleplayers. Speed running is so much better.


Good luck to everyone on this.

I know most of us have already completed it, but this is a fresh ET for me. Not watching any videos or looking at this thread anymore.

But I can’t play until after work in about 9hrs :sob:


Imma go flying lamp again.
Now you don’t need the striker to make the lamp fly hue


This time this target is constant too, as he was while reactivation…
As I experienced, he never rotates, and always the same person