Elusive Target #25 The Fugitive (23/06/2017 - 03/07/2017)


Only one more SA left before I unlock the second Winter Suit. :partying_face:




He definitively changed in the reactivation.


No, they still use a RNG.


Not for me. For me he was always the same one


Counting out how long it took for the guard to turn may have made this a little less fraught. :joy:

Welcome back, my lovely White Yukata.:hearts:


I did pretty much the exact same thing as almost 2 years ago, but this time my target was eye-patch rather than headband. Even applied the “golden test” to confirm if this one was the target or not (you can’t hide alive targets in containers).

By the way, the White Yukata has a visual glitch where the symbol on the back clips through fabric. Also, the symbol looks like a Minecraft texture. Maybe it’s because of the changes to the physics of clothing and what not because the yukata now moves a bit more just like all the other outfits with the improved physics of H2.



Do you mean in H1? There’s only been four ETs in H2 and you need to complete five with SA.

Edit: My bad, I should have wrote Winter Suit with Gloves.

Edit 2: There’s two Winter Suits. Both have gloves.


I HAD to start as a Surgeon, get up to the room with his info (just to be fair). 1st was Rhinoplasty, Kero, Kero, Rhino, then Kero. The first time I got him he was outside right by the edge. I looked around twice to see if anyone was looking in our direction. Nothing (that I could see). So I pushed him… “Crime Noticed!”

Yeah, I disconnected like a little bitch baby. The next few retries I kept finding him in the restaurant. Whether he was Rhino or Kero (eye). So on my way from the Director’s office, I went outside, got the PT, disabled the cameras, then finally tossed the PT by his seat, went through the door behind the bar, shot the PT. SA.

I’ll count it as failed upon principle. :pensive: My White Yukata is forever stained with “failure”. :smile:


Oh yeah it is worth mentioning Okami that dude was a troll.


Yes, I saw his posts. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seeing that guard appear in the background makes one go; “Oh Shiiiiiiiii…!” :scream:

I did at least. :smile:


Finally completed this ET Suit Only/Silent Assassin. Starting on spa location, equipped with an emetic syringe, my precious ICA19 Silverballer Black, the regular x3 coins and a lot of nerve. And finally I got the White Yukata too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck to the ones that haven’t tried it yet!


I’ve made a decision that I won’t be playing any Legacy ETs in HITMAN 2 that previously featured in HITMAN in my normal diehard #TeamNoRestarts manner**. If I’ve already played an ET in Season 1 - and I only played the S1 ETs once, because I don’t use multiple accounts - then I’ve already had my one-shot attempt at the target and I have no qualms about breaking my normally unbreakable rule of never restarting the contract on an ET.

In fact, I am totally on-board with being able to replay ETs infinitely as permanent additions to the game… but I think that everyone’s first ‘canon’ attempt at an ET (where you can earn Challenges) should have the restart option disabled: you either succeed or fail, and that’s what goes on your permanent record. But then after that I think you should be able to replay it as many times as you like, for fun and creativity.

Anyway, I played The Fugitive in much the same way as I did in S1, except that this time when I tried to lure Jason Portman into the sauna maintenance room on the way to his appointment (in order to get his disguise and have no enforcers on the upper floors when trying to sneak into the Director’s office), his Doctor escort investigated my distraction rather Portman himself. So I restarted. Got SA. Didn’t feel anywhere near the same satisfaction as doing it with no restarts in S1. (But I’m still glad I got to play it again.)

** NOTE - of course, any new ETs that appear in Legacy maps in HITMAN 2 that didn’t feature in HITMAN will absolutely be business-as-usual #TeamNoRestarts jobs for me though.


I got him with Fugu Poison :joy:…my first ET and even got SA ie the ragged but so cool Terminus suit :heart_eyes:


It sounds like you’re trying to justify breaking your own rule. If that’s your play style then fine, but it’s a bit pointless. What’s better? Getting achievements and unlocks by restarting when you need to, or forcing yourself to do the ETs with no restarts, failing SA, and then having limited rewards?


I did a Big Balls Run - killed the guy with an explosive baseball while disguised as a baseball player + got SA. Had a couple of close shaves but worked like a clock. Uploading a video right now,

Fucking A! So pumped up!


Not going to get into an argument, but I don’t see any inconsistencies in my reasoning for allowing myself restarts on recycled ETs that I’m playing for the second time, but being strict #TeamNoRestarts for all ETs that I’m playing for the first time.

I know not everyone agrees with my views (which are just my own personal take on ETs), but for me playing a new ET without restarting - where you roll with the punches as they happen and where the success/failure is there for keeps - is a more fun, thrilling experience than allowing yourself restarts. But while that thrill is always there on the first time round if you are playing without restarts and your attempt is your permanent record of success/failure, of course that adrenaline rush won’t be replicated on a second playthrough.


Each to their own.

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