Elusive Target #25 The Fugitive (23/06/2017 - 03/07/2017)


so fun fact: if you face the people at the door of the restaurant, they will bow. When they bow, they can’t see shit.
So you can poison the target right in front of them :smiley:


Ok I have an idea for the ET. On the pro side it is surprisingly RNG free but the setup is extremly painful for a reason. Stay tuned! :grin:


Two years ago I got SA in this ET. Today I failed. While I was drowning him in the toilet, someone entered the room and saw me. Luckily I had the time to hide the body and escape. At least I get the reward suit


This ET sucked. It took forever to find this guy. Worse than the revolutionary, IMO. I got SA, but I thought I fucked up because I was going for some style to try and shoot him through the ear, but he noticed me. I don’t think I deserve SA on this one.

I’m frankly embarrassed by this run, but it doesn’t excuse the quality of the ET.


You runnin’ around stickin’ yo stuff in people, huh, R.Kelly?


If only that had been a lethal syringe…


He walks right up to the balcony on his own after looking at the stone. Didn’t have to use a coin. :wink:


It’s safer to use a distraction sometimes. NPCs move about, also I’m not sure if the helicopter pilot can spot you if he’s looking towards you.


They didn’t mention distracting the pilot or anyone else, just that they coined him to the balcony.


The pilot will look through his binoculars at times. Other times, he’s facing directly towards the balcony. If you wait for the ET to approach the balcony, he may be facing towards you. The gardeners and other patients also move around/face that area at times.


I had no issues with zero distractions used. It’ll be set up to work perfectly I assume as long as no other routes are interrupted.


Because you asked for it @Agent.Smith:clown_face:

Also had some fun with the cable car in the end. :slight_smile:


Silky smooth soup. Exceeds expectations, salary bump achieved.

Lol I enjoyed that one


Started in kitchen, lured both enforcer chefs into the freezer and knocked them out with my briefcase (ICA drop in the freezer). cut the fish to get poison, fannied about for a while trying to work out how to find the right target, eventually Diana said the target had rhinoplasty. I’d seen the guy with bandages around his nose in the bar so i poisoned his drink, and then went to the snowmobile exit. Got seen by a camera on the way so climbed the drainpipe and then went downstairs to the morgue security room, knocked out the guard and deleted the recording, then back to the snowmobiles in the guard disguise and exited. Guard saw me before i knocked him out, didnt get SA.


That’s both Suit & Ninja Ghost Assassin Only versions complete for this ET



Well, this was fun to make use of some of these silly items. Too much water in his ears I guess!

Fishy Fun


Silent Assassin, Push Kill

Same target as previous year


Oh boy I did not know the routes are that random. I spent 20mins to set up what I need for the kill, and now a different guy is hanging around the Spa area than when I was trying it before.

No I wait for the other guy to finally leave the winter garden. I fear I have to lure him all the way.


Pushed the ear dude off the yoga platform. Living that white Yukata life!