Elusive Target #25 The Fugitive (23/06/2017 - 03/07/2017)


Fortunately, I only get a few seconds here and there. I have an alternate method of recording, but it is from before I got a 4K TV. I do not want to not play my game in 4K just to record at 1080p60. I know there are some out now, but I am hoping a really good 4K pass through recorder drops this year. Or record in 4K would be even better.


My skips are only a few seconds 99% of the time.


I do the same thing, mate. I don’t even move at the max walking speed because I think it looks too suspicious, unless he’s dressed as a guard and it is justified.



Got the nose-guy again, just like in H1. He had a different route though. Last time he went to the outside part of the baths by himself, but this time the ear-guy took that route. Finally killed him with a coin lure and push over the railing in the garden, near where the Hokkaido Snow Festival target smokes.

Anyone got a video of the dialogues? The different potential targets talk to each other but I never caught what they said.


“How’s the ear?”



Fugitive dialogues by @Euler13


Love doing this. Glad I got to use it on the ET.


I restarted this one several times, thinking it was going wrong as Diana took so long to give information on the nature of the target’s surgery. I eventually got Ear Guy, who conveniently wandered alone into a room off the sauna, where his neck was promptly snapped.

My only regret was that I didn’t dare hide the body in case I was spottedby the sauna users. Had I done that, I’d have got SA.


I thought that a body had to be found to lose SA.


It was.
20 bodies found.


I can’t tell if you’re serious or if it’s a “20 Characters” joke. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha, a “20 characters” joke! Even I’m not that bad a player! :laughing: :joy:


Oh my days! That is fantastic!


Ikr, I subbed to Urben just for that.


Finally done with this one. Got the last iteration of the target - eye bandage guy - on my third and final profile. Had next to nothing unlocked for Hokkaido on this profile, so had to first spend the night unlocking everything so I could carry items I needed. Then, had to keep restarting to get eye bandage guy in the spa area and hope it was him Diana would name as the target. As with my other two profiles, I ended up sending him over the yoga ledge into the boiling hot spring, but it did not go exactly as I’d hoped/imagined. In the winter black suit, no disguise changes, no knockouts, CCTV system still running, I got everyone out of the hot spring and lured the bastard to the edge of the yoga balcony with coins. That’s when things deviated from my expectations. I threw a snowball at the back of his fucking head, only instead of pitching forward, over the edge and into the water, he staggered and did a kind of jig, then fell over backwards, onto the balcony. At this point, I could have restarted and tried again since he was still alive, but I’d been working at this all week on all my profiles and just didn’t care anymore so long as all three iterations went into that spring. So I counted it as close enough and dragged him to the edge and dumped him over and into the water myself. Still counts as an accident when his body is found and the snowball burst and melted upon impact, so no evidence even if foul play is suspected. I’ll take it and count it as good enough for what I was trying to achieve.


Actually you need to be a pretty hardened player to soldier on with “20 Bodies Found”…

I stand by the belief that this is a skill. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think my maximum has been about ‘5 bodies found’ and about 3 disguises compromised…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You will be strong when it is your time… :slight_smile:


I had many alt accounts on Xbox for ET purposes. I’ve killed this guy a lot of times.