Elusive Target #25: The Fugitive


Congrats man! I also got the nose guy and used the
[} ------------ {]



I used the fiber wire too! I want to get The Clown like that as well, you’ve had the right idea the whole time @AGENT4T7 I wish I had fiber wired every ET.



Haha thanks, but I didn’t Fiberwire EVERY target… that dream of mine got shot to shit once The Chameleon came about. :triumph: I had perfect Fiber Wire kills with elusives until that jackass! Lol

While a couple I (chose) not to use the Fiberwire
(the Warlord) I did FW most of them. If you view my profile on here, you can scroll down to see my ET stats… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I “melodied” the nose guy too. :slight_smile:




Here is my SA run with drowning accident caused by sniper ninja



Pushed him in 0:35, suit only. Had to use noisemaker to avoid wallhack.



I have a temporary ID to #TeamNoRestarts but only for ET25.


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I just also figured out that another fun (but not SA) way to do this would have been to start as Santa 47 and have a remote duck, an ICA Phone, and a Napoleon.

You give each of them their gift.

When you find out which one it is… you choose the appropriate detonator.



My goal was to get all 3 random targets with 3 different routes:

  • First I got “eye” guy with restaurant route (SA poison kill in 36 seconds)

  • Second was “ear” guy with spa route (SA drowning accident caused by sniper ninja)

  • Last was “nose” guy with garden route (Target was “confirmed” before the kill)



SA by poisoned sushi



I haven’t played the game in a long time, got a couple of SA/SO runs.

No Loadout:




This was the only ET I’ve played since I didn’t get a chance to play the game until recently. I really liked this one. But I have nothing but the normal game to compare it to. But it was neat! Got SA on it and earned the Yukata and Terminus suits. Still really, really bummed if I won’t get a chance at getting the Absolution Suit, Signature Suit, Winter Suit, or Blood Money Suit (especially this one since BM was my first Hitman)


Fingers crossed they let us still earn those rewards during S2…

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I’m pretty sure they will, IO-I have said that ET’s in season 2 will visit locations in season 1, only minus is that season 1 buyers have to buy season 2 for unlocking all the suits, but if they liked season 1 it will not be a minus, but a plus :smiley:.


And i also read that the intro pack is the base game, so season 2 episodes will continue where season 1 ended.

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Hell yes. They’re great. The stealth aspect is amazing IMO :blush:



I’ve heard that too but some people seem to be under the impression this was the last time to get the Hitman suits and Winter suits, if not also the Location suits and that Season 2 will have completely new rewards instead. I think maybe because IO has said thing along the lines of “this is your last chance to get the suit(s)” maybe? But that could be interpreted in two ways: Literally the final chance you can ever unlock them OR the last chance this season since we only have one more ET and then it’ll be a while from now before next season when the ETs will resume.

I’m hoping for the latter of course because I want the glorious Absolution, Signature, BM, and Winter Suits to be mine too.

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Agree, it’s a bit confusing, but i think if the message below will be the same for ET 26 then it’s safe to say that ET’s in season 2 will unlock the suits for late players, if not? I don’t know, i can’t imagine that IO-I will lock the rest of the suits and make new rewards for ET’s in season 2, they could, but that would be a shock :astonished:.

In ET 26 i would like to see: Keep earning SA ratings in future ET’s to unlock the suits.



I am two ETs away from the gloved signature suit. If it wont be a unlockable in S2 I will be quite sad.



See? And this is another reason. Even ignoring me whining about having no gloved suits. I have to imagine that if for ET 26, you’re on 3 out of 5 SA ranks and 26 is your 4th… only for the Winter Suit to be taken away – you’d be so friggin disappointed. Or you with the Signature suit. That would be such b.s.

Whether you’ve been playing ETs a while or just started, locking the suits away would be a bad idea IMO. If they add new rewards, they should come afterward. So like… rather than rewards to replace the old ones, new rewards would be for getting 10 SA ranks, 20 completed ETs, 25 completed ETs, etc. And obviously a suit for new locations.