Elusive Target #25: The Fugitive


Wow, so if you SA the last ET you need only one more to unlock the signature suit with gloves, i really hope for you guys that ET’s in season 2 will count towards the suits.



like i said before, i believe newcomers should only get the default suit with gloves. not the BM suit or absolution suit.

everyone who has completed 13 elusives should get a different suit, like the priest suit from absolution or the agent 17 suit. that way, they can still have their prestigious reskin of 47 while the sig suit with gloves is available for everyone as it should be, as it makes no sense to have something so iconic just locked away. imagine if you had to complete 13 elusives to unlock superman’s cape for superman, when it should be given to you by default



If I am not mistaken you only need SA’s for the winter suit and the terminus suit.
I am quite calm actually, I just wanted to get the BM suit. If I get the gloved signature suit in the future I am just more happy.




Not agree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (that’s why i couldn’t give you a like, so i had to reply instead :smiley:)

In my opinion, everybody should have a chance to unlock the suits one way or another.



Agree, that’s the most important suit in my opinion.



I mean, I agree that everyone should get the Signature Suit with gloves because it’s iconic. It makes no sense for it to have not been the default to begin with. However, I disagree with the rest. The targets are elusive and part of the reward is playing the specific ET. I’ll never get to experience the apparent god awfulness of the Chameleon nor will I get to experience any of the truly awesome ETs like the Gary Busey one.

But! Also remember the Signature Suit is the highest unlock. It and the Winter Suit are the two hardest to unlock suits since it takes 13 ETs to get the Signature suit and 5 SAs to get the Winter Suit. So if they’re going to release the suit that took the most work to unlock… why not just leave them all available? Who benefits from that? It would alienate me, it would alienate those one away from getting the Winter Suit, it would alienate players who have yet to get the game… it only really benefits players who want to feel special but there are so many reasons someone didn’t get the game right away.

Me? I had a whole slew of reasons – initially, I was skeptical because of how Absolution went. Then I saw Paris and how great it looked but I’m not a fan of episodic releases – paying for future content that may or may not be amazing is always a gamble and even getting and loving the Intro Pack wouldn’t be a guarantee that the rest of the game would be awesome… each subsequent level could have been as bad as a lot of people find Colorado to be (or even worse. But when the complete first season was available and I was able to read reviews on the WHOLE release as well as fan opinions, I knew I wanted to get it immediately. But then life got in the way.

As someone who years ago, back in 06, picked up a little game called Blood Money and fell in love with a bald, barcoded contract killer, and then played Contracts and Silent Assassin and also loved them, I would be heartbroken if I didn’t get to wear the striped shirt and striped tie of that game. You would still have gotten to play all those ETs which I wish I had gotten to play and had all the fun and stress of doing them.



They said that this was out last chance to get the suits through Elusive Targets so they will probably release them.

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i’m trying to help both sides here.

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I don’t really mind how we get them. Let us earn them through season 2 ETs? Cool. Rerun the season 1 ETs for those that missed them? Cool. Put them into a DLC pack for purchase? Cool.

I think it would be cool to have to earn them just like some people did but at the same time…anyone who lives with a shitty Internet connection may prefer a DLC pack since they wouldn’t be able to participate in the ETs at all.

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Part of me feels like beyond this you’ll need to pay $$$ for Winter Suit.
Oh well…I guess that’s what I get for not buying HITMAN during the “online period in which the Winter Suit was available for free”. :stuck_out_tongue:



I played the elusive target finally and fun : (

This was pretty much how I thought they would do the concept when we first heard about it. Obviously I didn’t imagine the hospital scenario and whatnot, but the basic experience of having to locate and identify the target among a few choices.



Just got around to playing this, would have forgotten about it if not for the Hitman Twitter buzzing me about 4 hours before the deadline.

Very sloppy display from me. I thought that the game was borked because Diana didn’t say anything for about 20 minutes and I couldnt find the correct patient records, so I found the guy with the bandaged eye and pushed him off the balcony. Only then did Diana tell me that the target was the one with the messed up nose. With SA out of the window, I hid behind the bar and shot the guy in the head before sprinting away. 1/5 fleurs, but at least I didnt miss it.



*lightly jogging



Got a couple of attempts in.


Death by ko



Yay got the white yakuta :blush:



I love it how the Snowmobile kill ends with a guard like he’s going: “Stop him! He’s getting away!” :smiley:



And then blow snow back into his face. “See ya, bitch.” lol



Hah, that’s the only way to get “spotted” and still maintain SA (besides Fade to Black). :smiley: I guess you can also kill someone with the snowmobile by driving over them, works with the tuk-tuk at least.



Everyone manage to unlock all the ET suits? I missed out on the signature suit with gloves, 1 short I believe (including Julys ET) :cry:



Welcome to the club! Am in the same situation. Should have played this cook ET. It came out when I began to play the game but wanted to explore the levels first. Given that he was in Paris I could have done it after getting a good feel of this first map I’ve played.