Elusive Target #25: The Fugitive


I missed The Guru, not sure if I missed another one thinking about it. But oh well, I have Terminus and the Winter Suit, which are my favs, managed to finish at least one ET in each location as well.



Even though this is done and over with now, watching the speed run videos posted how do you know which target to kill right away?



It’s basically trial and error, as getting the wrong NPC does not fail the mission.

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Hey guys I’m only getting this on here now, busy weekend and all,
I had a very productive time with this ET… :slight_smile:
My standard kill for my main account

And then a little fun with my second account

Although I should’ve used the SA method on my main account, ah well, enjoy!

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Trial and error. You can eventually know who the target is depending on the place they start in.

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Assuming I can SA ET No. 26, my record will sit at 4 SA Ratings.
I will be one short of Winter Suit…

… as additional salt in my wound, the Angel Of Death ET came out the week I bought the game and I failed it. :frowning: If I completed or even SA-ed that I’d still be in the running for the “prestigious” Winter Suit…Oh well…:stuck_out_tongue:

That means I’m short of the Winter Suit (5 SA ET’s), the Signature Suit with Gloves (13 Completed ET’s), and I don’t have the Summer Suit with Gloves (due to failing Angel of Death in Marrakesh).



Ahh gutted for you mate! Next ones rumoured to be in a House Built on Sand isn’t it? that’ll give you chance for the summer suit.



Yes it has. “The Freak” aka (The Clown) Although, it has yet to actually be confirmed by IO (as far as I’m aware, anyway.)

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Yeah that’s what I’d heard, hope its true, quite like the idea of this one, strange how there hasn’t been one in Landslide though

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Yeah, I hope so too! A while back (back when we had 3 elusives remaining) I remember a lot of people speculating that those last three would take place in the three bonus missions.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I really would have liked one in Landslide as well. “The Badboy” was alright (The Icon) but I much would have preferred the Landslide map.

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It was definitely my favourite bonus mission, nothing more satisfying than taking down a corrupt politician :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be a bit gutted when the ET’s end tbh, Ive enjoyed them

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Yeah I hear ya…
I really hope S2 continues with ET’s. Definitely my favorite content (besides the main story missions, of course.) by far!

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For some reason i don’t really like Landslide, can’t really put my finger on it as to why



It’s the vibe is it? I have it too



No mate, i don’t care about stuff like vibe & atmosphere.

Think it’s partly because it only has 1 starting location. The other bonus maps only have 1 too, but they are smaller. Still hurts those maps aswell tho.



I don’t like it too…

Just because I think it’s so much better to combine The Icon and Landslide into one single level.



Sapienza is my favourite location by far. Scenery & setting is brilliant

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Totally agree. For me it’s the over populated concert. That area takes away any real opportunities in that area and especially that all the doors are locked, kinda takes away frok it too.

Then there’s the top square area. Crowded with very little to no side stuff.

I find it quite boring and does not have the world of tomorrow Sapienza feel for me. But it’s still better than the icon. But not by much.

AHBOS is very good on the other hand. I really enjoy it. Probably because I find marrakesh to be my favorite map by a long shot.

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My run)

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Abiatti: (on stage) “People of Sapienza…”

*Movie Set Noise: KABOOOM!!! RRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr… *

Abiatti: “What is that racket?!?!”

Abiatti walks to movie set.

Dino: “Cut! CUT! What is this guy doing here?!?”

Abiatti: “Hey Look! Someone threw us a nice Red Rubbery Ducky!”