Elusive Target #25: The Fugitive


@J8J8J8JJ8 regardless of the 0 points that was incredible. hope they fix to place you over kaboom.



I got this tool from BernardoOne, something like this



Haha not a big deal since it’s the end of S1. I’m proud of this world record 0 point speedrun.
Still remember the passion when u done this one on stream, Very impressed. U got this one



you are destroying every single one of them. im impressed and proud.



I think we can just chalk this up to an “Off-Side Goal”. Sure, there’s skill and ingenuity and speed involved, but like in a football Off-Side call, sometimes there’s just too much of it and you look like you scored a fantastic goal only for the whistle to blow and take it away.

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Hello guys!!

After many attempts i’ve decided to go with “The Rhinoplasty Guy”:

Finally the target was less hard than expected, even if i had to improvise on the way :smile:

Anyway, i’ve managed to complete it with Silent Assassin rating and it also unlocked the Blood Money Suit with gloves and other challenges :blush:

I’ll let you now enjoy my playthrough on video:

Cheers and cya on next target :wink:


[Hitman Chronicles] - Delayed to 2019-2020

Wow, nice. I sadly failed it when it originally got released. I supposed that the target was that nose surgery guy and since I was new in Hokkaido (mastery level 5, no ICA items) I picked up an unsupressed Bartoli. I then shot the target down, alerting the guards, going to my location and shooting me down faster than I could say “cripes”.

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HITMAN-Elusive Target#25-Drowner???Very interesting
mastery level 0, no ICA items



But…how?!? :open_mouth:
How you managed to drown him that way??
Good game anyway :+1:



The “hitbox” of the garden pond is big enough it seems.



BUG。。。。。A good place to hide the body

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My game is crashing when I want to start the ET. Anyone else has this problem?

Edit: Used steam game files verify option and it’s working now.



Just did it, the last ET I have missed that I have now done… except for The Wild Card, but it seems as if that one won’t be rerun, presumably due to the celebrity tie-in.

Fairly simple compared to other contracts, the gimmick is definetly just trying to figure out who it is. Not sure how many candidates exist. It took a couple of tries til I figured out where to find the patient records, and both times I reached it, it gave me the ear guy.

Taking out the ear guy was fairly simple. He walked into the spa area, but once he walked in, he seemed to be locked in a loop of just wandering the spa from 4 different spots, including outside. I raised the temperature of the pool, everyone outside went inside. Once the ear guy went outside, I shut every shutter door, choked him out, and making sure noone would spot me, I just kicked his body over cliff where you kill the Yakuza lawyer in the yoga opportunity.

I do like the reactivations as it has let me do ETs I have missed, but I must admit I still think the ET concept isn’t consumer friendly. Saying that, I will probably make more of an effort to keep up with the ETs in Hitman 2, especially if they do the outfit reward system again.

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3 candidates only. Each one with bandages and unique character models for at least 2 of them

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The Fugitive - Sushi - (1:37) SA



Having some fun with the s1 mechanics :smirk:



Very short, I forgot about this ET, it was actually available for a longer period of 13 days, but I did this with 3 hours remaining on a sleepless night. Guess insomnia helped

Silent Assassin / Suit Only (0:37) on Xbox



So did you just get lucky with the right target then? Still, very impressive.



no, this isn’t first try pogchamp.



But I thought the target was randomised between 3 people?