Elusive Target #25: The Fugitive


I never got to any of the ETs until their second time through, because I didn’t own HITMAN on that first round, so I’ve only killed this guy once. I shot him in the back of the head with a silenced pistol while he stood next to the hot pools. This time, though, I want to lure him with a coin over to the spot where Yamazaki can be pushed off during yoga, and when he picks it up and turns around, it shoot him twice in the chest and he falls back, over the side, into the pools below. My only concern is in being spotted. I know he won’t be seen dying if shot while standing in the spot where he normally stops on the side of the pool, but does anyone know if someone would see if I did what I plan on doing, where he’d be further out towards the ledge? Does the whole thing with a target seeing you perform an illegal action but not counting against you so long as you kill them before they tell anyone not work on ETs?



Got the eye-patched one, when he stopped to look at the stone in the garden I threw a coin at the balcony and then pushed him, easy SA



i lured him to the oil drum in the garden with a pistol shot, then shot the oil again to burn him. safer alternative to the “push over garden rail” method




Push was my only creative option really. I had no gear as I just “unlocked” Hokkaido this morning.



So easy! No distractions needed.



Easy target :slight_smile:



I know I did one the first time round, but I decided to go for a complete ghost, no knockout, ninja only, silent assassination of The Fugitive this time.

Elusive Target #4 - The Fugitive - Ninja Only (2.48)



Nothing outstanding about this but it’s the first time I’ve challenged myself on an ET. I think ill do this for every legacy ET from now on, (when possible, they may not change Chameleon), SASO, Faba style


This seemed like a good opportunity to use the new wrench…

Elusive Target #4 - The Fugitive - Clown Drown (1.57)



i plonked him over the head with the briefcase, then dragged his body into the water :slight_smile:




While it’s nice that everyone has a chance to play the old ETs again and gain the Season 1 suits from the second game, I think you shouldn’t be able to unlock anything else but the location specific suit from the old ETs.

Anyways, I felt that simply playing it like I did before, with all my current knowledge about their routes and behavior would be cheating. So decided for myself to do every single one of the classic ETs Suit Only with no restarts. This also gave me an excuse to final use to Snow Festival Suit.


Bodies found: 0
Cover blow: 0
Caught trespassing: 2
Subdued NPCs: 1 security guard, 2 bodyguards and a very unlucky Yoga trainer
Suit: Snow Festival Suit

So I shouldn’t have gotten SA. Hope they fix this sooner than later. :roll_eyes:



so fun fact: if you face the people at the door of the restaurant, they will bow. When they bow, they can’t see shit.
So you can poison the target right in front of them :smiley:



Ok I have an idea for the ET. On the pro side it is surprisingly RNG free but the setup is extremly painful for a reason. Stay tuned! :grin:

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Two years ago I got SA in this ET. Today I failed. While I was drowning him in the toilet, someone entered the room and saw me. Luckily I had the time to hide the body and escape. At least I get the reward suit



This ET sucked. It took forever to find this guy. Worse than the revolutionary, IMO. I got SA, but I thought I fucked up because I was going for some style to try and shoot him through the ear, but he noticed me. I don’t think I deserve SA on this one.

I’m frankly embarrassed by this run, but it doesn’t excuse the quality of the ET.

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You runnin’ around stickin’ yo stuff in people, huh, R.Kelly?

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If only that had been a lethal syringe…

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He walks right up to the balcony on his own after looking at the stone. Didn’t have to use a coin. :wink:



They didn’t mention distracting the pilot or anyone else, just that they coined him to the balcony.