Elusive Target #25: The Fugitive


Nice. I like hearing about different ways people achieved it.

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SA, no restarts though not blind. Got the eye guy, pushed him off over the ledge.



I must ask, is there some reason you are not using the run button at all?
Also, why doesn’t the video begin at the beginning?

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Sometimes when I play I like to rp like I’m actually there as 47 in a realistic world, especially when doing no restarts stuff. And my video cut out the beginning in capture I don’t know why.



Do you have your PS4 set to record an hour of video?



I usually keep it at 15min, even then in some cases like this it doesn’t record the full 15. I don’t like to put it too high because sometimes the recording skips a bit.



Got precisely what I wanted with this one, although I am using 3 different profiles to get all three targets; 1 type of surgery target with each profile. On my primary profile, no knockouts, no disguise changes, and security system not disabled, I lured ear bandage guy to the ledge where the yoga lesson takes place, using coins. Kicked him off into the hot spring, terrible accident. Second profile, same location, same conditions, except this time it was nose bandage guy. Lured him to the ledge, waited for him to turn around, pulled my pistol and shot him twice in the chest, he fell over backwards, right off the ledge and into the hot spring, no witnesses. For those who want to do something similar, the standard pistol does not seem to be strong enough; you need to use at least the Silverballer or the Black Lilly, as I did, it will generate the force to make them fall over any edge. Now just need to get eye bandage guy on my third profile. Gonna try to get the exact same setup, but this time throw a snowball at the back of his head and make him fall over into the spring.

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That it does, but considering there is no way to always guarantee a 15 minute record time will get what I need, 60 works best for me.

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Fortunately, I only get a few seconds here and there. I have an alternate method of recording, but it is from before I got a 4K TV. I do not want to not play my game in 4K just to record at 1080p60. I know there are some out now, but I am hoping a really good 4K pass through recorder drops this year. Or record in 4K would be even better.



I do the same thing, mate. I don’t even move at the max walking speed because I think it looks too suspicious, unless he’s dressed as a guard and it is justified.




Got the nose-guy again, just like in H1. He had a different route though. Last time he went to the outside part of the baths by himself, but this time the ear-guy took that route. Finally killed him with a coin lure and push over the railing in the garden, near where the Hokkaido Snow Festival target smokes.

Anyone got a video of the dialogues? The different potential targets talk to each other but I never caught what they said.



“How’s the ear?”




Fugitive dialogues by @Euler13



Love doing this. Glad I got to use it on the ET.



I restarted this one several times, thinking it was going wrong as Diana took so long to give information on the nature of the target’s surgery. I eventually got Ear Guy, who conveniently wandered alone into a room off the sauna, where his neck was promptly snapped.

My only regret was that I didn’t dare hide the body in case I was spottedby the sauna users. Had I done that, I’d have got SA.



It was.
20 bodies found.

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Haha, a “20 characters” joke! Even I’m not that bad a player! :laughing: :joy:

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Oh my days! That is fantastic!

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Ikr, I subbed to Urben just for that.

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