Elusive Target #25: The Fugitive


Finally done with this one. Got the last iteration of the target - eye bandage guy - on my third and final profile. Had next to nothing unlocked for Hokkaido on this profile, so had to first spend the night unlocking everything so I could carry items I needed. Then, had to keep restarting to get eye bandage guy in the spa area and hope it was him Diana would name as the target. As with my other two profiles, I ended up sending him over the yoga ledge into the boiling hot spring, but it did not go exactly as I’d hoped/imagined. In the winter black suit, no disguise changes, no knockouts, CCTV system still running, I got everyone out of the hot spring and lured the bastard to the edge of the yoga balcony with coins. That’s when things deviated from my expectations. I threw a snowball at the back of his fucking head, only instead of pitching forward, over the edge and into the water, he staggered and did a kind of jig, then fell over backwards, onto the balcony. At this point, I could have restarted and tried again since he was still alive, but I’d been working at this all week on all my profiles and just didn’t care anymore so long as all three iterations went into that spring. So I counted it as close enough and dragged him to the edge and dumped him over and into the water myself. Still counts as an accident when his body is found and the snowball burst and melted upon impact, so no evidence even if foul play is suspected. I’ll take it and count it as good enough for what I was trying to achieve.



Actually you need to be a pretty hardened player to soldier on with “20 Bodies Found”…

I stand by the belief that this is a skill. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think my maximum has been about ‘5 bodies found’ and about 3 disguises compromised…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You will be strong when it is your time… :slight_smile:

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I had many alt accounts on Xbox for ET purposes. I’ve killed this guy a lot of times.



I must have missed this one in S1 bc it’s live now. The briefing has changed though. They took out all the junk about goverment agencies collaborating to get this guy killed. It’s just real simple. He’s here and you’ll have to figure out who he is before to eliminate him. I love it.

Edit: just got him SA. It gave the the absolution suit for my 3rd one (= I got killed on the art appraiser one (don’t ask, I know that one was easy)



Like most the S1 ETs, I missed this one the first time around and didn’t even know it was a repeat until I came here to talk about it.

I liked this ET. I liked the complication of having to ID the target on my own, but Diana never gave me any information on her own as promised? I had to go to the laptop in the hospital to find out? Is that normal or because of my difficulty settings? No, I haven’t read the rest of this thread.

I’m pretty familiar with Hokkaido, probably moreso than any of the other maps, so I was able to pretty easily get around and go free Smith to get the the unfuckwithable key card. Poisoned the nose homie with rat poison and drowned him in the toilet. Classic. Of course the chef, and even the target, watched me put the poison in the drink (as a chef) and didn’t care because this is a silly and unrealistic game.

After 80+ hours in Red Dead 2 I was amazed at how fast 47’s walking speed is.



Diana tells you who he is after about 15 minutes if you have not yet found the info in the director’s office, or killed the target without confirming his ID and got lucky (or just killed all three options and didn’t care).

I think the reasoning behind the target and other people not doing anything when you add poison to something while in the appropriate disguise is that a chef or waiter is going to know more about food and drink than they are and probably forgot an ingredient or are spiking the item for your enjoyment, a la the aphrodisiac that you are offered to spike a drink with in the Blood Money mission You Better Watch Out. They shrug it off because a person who handles food and drink probably isn’t deliberately doing anything unacceptable in such an establishment.



Just popping in here to say I nailed this one on my first try with SA rating! :sunglasses:

I’d been practicing Hokkaido all week, nailing all the challenges, escalations and doing some contracts along the way just to make sure I really knew the lay of the land.

Started in the surgery, so it was easy to sneak into the director’s office to get the info I needed, but I only got to that after I scoured the rest of the surgery wing of the facility for info. Was very pleased with myself when I found the info on his desktop. (Thank god for that electronic lock scrambler!)

From there I made my way down into the basement of the morgue to get my ICA briefcase containing the Ghost, because I didn’t quite know how I was gonna take out the creeper - it was the eyepatch man… Think at this stage I was also wearing the elite guard uniform, cos I took out the security system in the morgue and that outfit is handy cos you’ve got access to everywhere, pretty much.

Made my way to the snow garden, looking for the target. Saw eyepatch man talking to some other patient, and then he made his way up towards the ledge by overlooking the helipad. I thought this was my chance… Handy briefcase in hand I made sure nobody was looking and knocked the fucker out. Cool, I was in the clear. Dragged his body to the edge and dumped him over the ledge. Clean kill.

Then I made my way to the cableway, trusty briefcase in hand.

Was really a super exciting one for me, and I fared much better than I did with The Appraiser.

Really looking forward to the Hawke’s Bay ET; have also done all the challenges there and mastered and unlocked everything I could so I know the lay of the land well ahead of time…




Nice …

But still Yukata is a nice unlock.



Hey guys!

Sorry for the late posting, enjoy my HITMAN™ 2 playthrough here:

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