Elusive Target #3: The Prince

I usually forget to take Ansel shots with the ETs. The Prince looks really cool though, i’m definitely going to try to remember this time.

Ripipipipiripiripipiripi Ya dig


Clean slate!

Last time I electrocuted him in the basement, now something different. :smiley: A fun ET to play again. Got the Italian suit with gloves and the Blood Money suit too.


Was going for a sweet spot chandelier kill from outside the church. After a quick ankle check inside the church i found a nice spot. Here is the sloppy result after a few tries:
SA/SO Chandelier Accident

@_AnoMade that was a top notch performance!

Damn, that was my idea aswell. Nice job though, you pulled it off miles better than what I would’ve been able to do!

My original plan was to poke him with an emetic syringe to get him to go to the bathroom outside of the church, have the faucet running and zap him. But no 'F’s were given about the faucet. Then, eventually, I wondered if the puddles in the catacombs would work the same way. I had him zapped 2 different times but didn’t kill him since I went into combat (gotta be quick with that pause!). Finally, I went with a briefcase… And yeah. This was the first time I used this method to kill anyone. You’ll see how awkward it was. And I cut out a couple of the times I waited. At least I can say that I did it my way, and I got him back for losing SA from last time. :relieved:


That doesn’t look sloppy to me :smile: Very nice!!

Bc I’m super tired today, I did a very boring SA poison kill. I always get so impatient with ETs I really have to hold back not to just kill them when everyone’s watching (which got me killed on my first ET, damn you, Appraiser)

i never noticed how artificial some of the shadows on the suits look. the artificial shadows on the Paris Tux is really noticeable :^(

SA/SO - Poison - 1:05


Flawless execution m8

Yeah, I missed it. I’m a little sad, but there are four other Sapienza targets.

I’m just finishing collecting footage for the dialogue video. Has anyone noticed any related dialogue happening elsewhere in Sapienza?


eh… Botched SA on this. Thought I could be clever and use the Explosive Pen to launch the Target on top of the confessionals…

Body Found… No SA. :frowning:

Got away without Combat though. :wink:


I couldn’t find that much dialogue with this ET. One particular conversation (between The Prince and the priest in the crypt [see thumbnail]) took far longer than I would have liked to have spent to trigger with the ideal circumstances and in order to catch the conversation cleanly. Apart from the token kill at the end with an alternative account I’ve still got to do this one myself on my main account. He caused me to lose SA the first time around and given the place is a fortress I’m going to be quite challenge to pull of my preferred suit only, no knockout. It looks every bit as hard as I remember it to be the first time round. :sweat:

Elusive Target #7: The Prince - Dialogue


Urben’s videos are very entertaining.


FINALLY! Vindication after three years! Went full old school and got my SA I was robbed of the first time.

@SpirantCrayon22, yes, they certainly are.


SA no ko’s, electrocution. ‘Perfect accident’ rp route, I structure it around the idea that 47’s mission went completely undetected after-the-fact. Boring portion warning: lengthy prayer-simulator section and suit retrieval.


Someone knows why he is idling for an eternity between the church and morgue?

Yes. He randomly gets stuck. If your drop a coin near him to get his attention, then pick the coin up, he will resume his routine. It happened quite a lot whilst I was capturing footage.


Good to know, bad in my case because I don’t get close to the church for what I am trying. :thinking: