Elusive Target #3: The Prince

Oh no, I still went SA after that because I hoped it would work.

I just really hope I can do the target again in the future, there isn’t really any reason for me to go after challenges anymore other than mastery, since I’ll never have them all.

Glad they decided to increase the window of opportunity hopefully it stays that way for all future elusives.

I wonder if they’ll implement no restarts.


Not yet. From the live stream they said if they remove them, they can’t help anyone who gets a disconnect from server during the contract (it’s tied together), so it’s prob not gonna happen.

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For “elusive” contracts, IO sure make a lot of fuss when they release one…

:tired_face: “Hey! Hey you! Over here! Look how elusive I am, shouting at you from across the room! Bet you would never know I was here, were it not for the ******* fanfare!”

:saxophone: :trumpet: :saxophone: :trumpet:

At the end of the day if you don’t want to restart don’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I know how tempting it can be though when the option is there.

It takes only a quarter of a day to do everything :stuck_out_tongue: So if someone has played it for an hour a day since release, you would have done most of it… and certainly know the map. On PS4 99.29% of people that have the episode have played it.

I guess they should add 2 targets then, one for Morocco and one for Italy. It feels like filler content TBH, I wouldn’t bother if it weren’t for the suits.

I completely disagree. We could fail because for many reasons we must switch off console (we have a real life outside Hitman universe)

I think it too. A contract in Morocco, but also another in Italy, because I remember the twin contract

I was almost frightened it’s Marrakesh. I’m not ready for it yet :sweat_smile:


Actually, these are called cardinals.

Yes yes u mentioned numerous times already that you did everything in 6 hours, there’s still plenty of people across all platforms who didn’t have the chance to get familiar with the map yet, for various reasons. Think it would be more reasonable to release an elusive in Marrakesh after two weeks or so.

Really? I find the whole concept very interesting, especially when they get harder over time. I would still enjoy them very much even if there weren’t any rewards tied to it.


The point was the maps been out for a decent amount of time (a week on the Elusive) It’s all player’s learning curve I suppose, but why not appeal to the “elite” Hitman players and casuals. IO need to create an area where people start losing on these elusive contracts or everyone is going to have an unlock that’s meant to be special. And doing an elusive on the latest map (“new” seems too forgiving) creates this barrier between the casuals and hardcore players… doesn’t mean the casuals will never get the reward as there’s future elusives but it makes the reward more special.

And yeah, considering we can’t replay the elusives for fun after the real run through makes you feel it’s filler. I have no official content to do until the next map right. And the way IO are drip feeding these escalations and elusives are too minimal, just to get you back on the game for a short while. If I were able to replay the Forger as a contract for fun, I could replay Paris and investigate this NPCs new path (in which I missed 90% of) and look at the different opportunities that were available to me. However, I did the fastest available opportunity I saw to get SA and took it, which was the aim (seen by the challenges set by IO) and thus making me miss out on what else was there.

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According to leaked elusive target brefings we’ll have another contracts in Paris too: The blackmailer. Unless IO decided to cancel them


Do you have a link or something so I can see? Quite interested. :slight_smile:

If IO spent less time pissing around with elusive contracts that most players will either complete/fail within 10-30 minutes (never to touch again) and more time debugging/patching, maybe we would have a contracts mode worth playing and sniper case that doesn’t “fly up in the air”. :confused:


So since I’ve played Marrakesh very little since release, that makes me a casual? Despite the fact that I’ve played every Hitman game many, many times (including Absolution, ew)?

Just because I’ve got other things to do than play HITMAN every day, doesn’t make me a casual.


Let’s hope he’s more difficult than the previous 2 targets

In this video threre are two briefings: The Twin and The Blackmailer


here’s the thing. I dont restart because I value the role play more. but it would be nice to be able to compete on the leaderboards with a level playing field

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