Elusive Target #3: The Prince

here’s a 34 seconds run from the pier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-od7FO9o2Q0

If you find a way to trigger the lockdown earlier than this 21 seconds seems somewhat feasible.


I gotta say, there’s a certain irony in killing a cardinal during Holy Week lol.


Now that you mention it, there’s also a serious irony in Notre Dame burning during Holy Week.


Technically the tranq is refillable, if you bring it to the first mission, and pick up the tranq there, you’ll have 4 rounds.


That’s interesting, but only another tranq gun can refill it? And Hawke’s Bay is the only level with a tranq gun in the level?


Is the bug still there where weapons brought to weapon crates refills the clip?

Unfortunatly not in H2

You could have also just gotten a church staff disguise, nabbed the Prince’s bodyguard that follows him when he walks down the basement stairs, then wait 'til he goes back down again and shove a syringe in him.

Clearing all the NPCs must have been so tedious!

When I played him in H1 (for his 2nd run), I did similar with the guards in the sewers (and yes, it was tedious), then he stayed outside the church next to the morgue and NEVER moved (I don’t recall how long I waited).

I did wonder if they intended for him to do that. For example, ‘The Chef’ (I think it was) in Paris… If you take out his entourage - he goes into the security room and stays on his phone the whole time. So it’s like; “Oh, the catacombs aren’t safe now? Well, we’ll just see if you get me down there, nya-nya-nya.” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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He was doing that for me until I lured his guards to inside the morgue and then he returned to his normal behaviour.

Yup to both questions.

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Just remembered that The Prince was expiring soon tonight. Had a long week of finishing up school so I haven’t had the time until this weekend. I would never forgive myself if I missed him, it’s been too long.

Good to note that I completed him in Silent Assassin form, with a nice just under 4-minute run I got by chance. Took a risk on him and it paid off (and I only restarted 2 times, which involved a planning mixup and then a trespassing bug, so I essentially went into the Church here blind.).


Yes, I could’ve done that. But the church bell was obviously the best way I could kill him. Syringe is so basic compared to this :stuck_out_tongue:

"The Prince" {1:07}


The Prince in 21s w/ Delayed Church Bell Kill


that thumbnail tho



GG. Something like that was my first plan, with the difference that I put the poison in a suitcase and used it to a little faster KO. But the random route of the Prince simply exhausted me - he was untoward many times in a row and I simply abandoned this plan, inventing another one.

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Beary well, the ET is gone and I still can’t unlock the Italian Suit with Gloves even through I completed the ET with SA rating. I’m annoyed that supposedly this week the situation would have being sorted out but seems wasn’t true, and if it was, it wasn’t for XB1.


they said it would be fixed this week, it’s only Monday