Elusive Target #4: THE POLITICIAN (Year 3, August 25 - September 4 2023)

I missed this one in H2 so I’m going in blind :rofl:

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I don’t redo things. Also that one was extremely lucky to work on the first shot. :grin:
I have no idea for her yet. I am also quite busy irl so maybe I skip her for another time later.


Excited to replay this one. There’s the reliable trick of subduing one of them, then if you can’t hide the body…that will tell you your target. But I think I’ll play more relying on luck this time


where was it announced? (EDIT: i see now the roadmap)

spawn at the wooden shack thing, get a guard disguise with kalmer, remote gas device in briefcase, drown in toilet. That’s what I’m gonna do

My favourite H2 Elusive Target :heart_eyes:

This is one of the best targets, located in an amazing location :+1:

For those who haven’t played it yet, i suggest you to go easy on that one, as it is surrended by lots of guards ready to fire on sight!

Good luck to all players and don’t forget to have fun :wink:


SA The Politician should unlock “The Drysuit”, Dried cement in the shape of a wetsuit, Themed suit.

  • Yes to the dry suit!
  • Unfunny, no.

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I know this is never gonna happen, let a man dream. I still want my turtleneck w/ long coat and shorts. (with gloves :^) )

When mentioning the handwear you must always say it with exuberant enthusiasm…

"GuhLoves!!!" :crazy_face:

:gloves: :partying_face:

I might actually try completing this one SA/SO/NO KO. I think I have came up with reliable strategy that would not require (almost) any ammount of emetics. I’ll see…


To think after all this time, in about 24 hours I am able to get my revenge on my first ever ET. I might just try doing a No restart run this time.


It’s that time again where I ask how you’re gonna tackle The Politician?

Myself, I’m going for my usual method.

This one shouldn’t give any trouble at all, fairly straightforward and simple without the need of complicating it.

I like that, good luck!


ive got something quite great cooked up for the politician, atleast i think so.
Utilizing @TheContractor bloodmoney rules i have created a route that abides by those rules while being saso/fw/no emetics. it was quite fun to route and i really enjoyed being limited like that.

video showing off the bloodmoney rules

The Showstopper - Blood Money Loadout - HITMAN 2 - YouTube

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Personally, I’m going to blow her up.


Thanks! Hopefully it will work. I’ll try to explain how I did it in video.

This is the only H2 elusive target that I missed. I am so looking forward to playing this for the first time. I love the doppelganger twist.

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Poll That May Or May Not Pertain To This Elusive Target.

Do You Smoke?

  • Yes
  • No
  • One Wrenchie Boi Then BOOM

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Was there any suit that we can get on this location by completing ET?

Nope. It was attached to an Escalation.

Unless my memory is failing me…


One Wrenchie Boi Then BOOM

Or just a simple bullet shot at it then let the rest play out while enjoying the red, which is what I did in H2.

Indeed, The Mills Reverie.


Enjoy this awesome drawing by @Khakiasp while we wait.