Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


Hey guys, thought I’d create a thread dedicated to The Sensation coming out this tuesday.

Date: Tuesday June 14th
Time: 12 PM Pacific

Here’s a discovery vid I did today based off of the only pic we have thus far. Pretty sure I know exactly where he’s smoking at (most of you forum vets prob do too). You can skip to my speculation at 16:00


After this, only one for Absolution suit :slight_smile: yay


Already with the hype, uh? Pretty good video. it’s obvious he is going to be at the gardens and now some palace staff have access there.


Two for me as I fucked up The Prince. :frowning:


Oh nooooo
That’s sad :frowning:


After watching your video and looking at the picture your probably right and he’ll end up been were you pointed out. I’m tempted to go for another Sniper kill??

Not so sure yet?


Sniping would be easy, but you wouldn’t get SA. I’ll definitely be looking for accident kills.


Sniping from the balcony of the second floor seems good right now. Or maybe poisoning his drink disguised as palace staff.


It’s interesting how they are mixing up the time 48,72 now 53 hours.
Only if they would change the cinematic to count down the correct time to match.


Back to France? Just like the last elusive it’s a gimme. How about the devs stop jackin off and make a Supreme Commander on Morraco with 8 Bodyguards.


Nice to know someone’s doing exactly what I do when an elusive gets announced!

I reckon they’ll have some sort of backstage party in the area you pointed out. Hopefully a waiter-disguise will suffice to get us in there to poison The Sensation.


When I saw this picture, I immediately thought of Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor from BvS.

“The Sensation” suggests he’s some sort of business/tech prodigy. I wonder if he’ll kidnap Diana to force 47 to fight Batman.


It’s not as good as being one step closer to the Absolution suit, but you have my respect for not restarting, mikeawmids. You’ve earned the right to use that Sam Fisher avatar. :slight_smile:


Now that would be an interesting contract. The elusive bat.


Wayne Manor and the Batcave would be an awesome location.

I’ll subdue Alfred and pose as the butler. Bruce will fall for it if we’re using Hitman universe rules. lol


You can rig the batwing to explode mid flight! Or even send out a signal, alerting all villains to the Batcave’s location, where they kill him for you!

I need this in my life.


I bet they would include a feat that has you put Alfred and Bruce in the same closet.


I will be forever disappointed if it doesn’t happen. Worth the giggles though.


The special disguise can be the Batsuit. 47 can take it out of its secure display case and use it to eliminate Alfred without Alfred realizing who it is.

Or 47 could do what Batman should have done years ago and eliminate The Joker.

The Joker: “Hahaha! You have nothing! Nothing to hurt me with, with all your stren–”

Bat47 pulls out his gun and shoots him between the eyes. Cue “mission complete” music.


Special hidden opportunity where Alfred shoots Bruce. Cue ‘mmm whatcha say’ and slow motion falling.

Seriously the sound cue thing needs to be a mod. I would buy the pc version alone for that.