Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


OMG, Mr.Freeze failure made me LMAO, the way he screamed… “No, it’s the proximity shit!!” :joy:
I think all of us have experienced it before, accidental death by proximity mine, I know I have, not on ET though :joy:
Thanks for the streaming Mr.Freeze.


Proximity mines be like, “Restarts? F**k restarts! You be dead right now, son. Ain’t no time for restarts.” lol

Y’know … if, er … proximity mines could talk. :rolling_eyes:


They do! Or i’m going crazy, that’s plausible too.


If proximity mines say that, what do you think the wall mines would say?


A knock-knock joke:

Wall mine: Knock knock
47: who’s there?
Wall mine: Boom you dead bitch


Ha, yeah. Io should sneak a couple of those laser wall-mines into Elusives, just to troll players. lol

Actually … no. No they shouldn’t. I retract that statement, IO. Don’t get Ideas. :no_mouth:


My opinion is that this elusive is as dud…
First disguise I came in and just saw him walk around in circles checking his phone.
Maybe I need to turn off the music? Spotted. Restart.
Tried a couple of other disguises to turn music off. Restarted each time.
Wore waiter disguise and saw he got drink. Went to get poison. Came back and heard some ACTUAL dialog from him on the phone?! OMG! Poison drink. Now he just walks around in a perpetual circle looking at his phone.

Edit: Does he really only drink ONCE? Start as tech guy, go get waiter outfit, run downstairs for rat poison, run to party. Second I get there he goes for the drink. Right when I put in poison he tries to pick up glass and he breaks it. Ugh!
Now gonna try putting poison in the load out. My goodness…

Forgot to mention the “Cut the music” line when he’s speaking on the phone. Nobody does… Then after he’s finished talking on the phone, he says to crank it up again. Obviously that doesn’t happen. Surprise surprise. (Actually, I saw a waiter at the computer, but the music volume doesn’t change.)


Could you imagine the face of one of those guy who are complaining this ET was so easy walking in the basement after killing him and going to the exit there is one wall mine? Their rage would be the pleasure of IO for generations.


Sorry, but that was pretty lame. Not offense. I was expecting more in relation to the fact that you can’t make them explode by shooting them.


I know, i’ve made better jokes in the past, not so proud of this one :s


Too bad this ET was too simplistic, because his backstory was pretty interesting. The Prince is the King of ET right now (also, the Prince was a “middle finger” to complainers about the amount of bodyguards and that the ET were too easy, and I hope to see another Prince in the future).


Ye was dissapointing, barely a route. They couldv’e made this one alot more interesting. Now people either snipe or poison him, it’s just boring. Going to kill him with a battle axe tomorrow but mehh.

Prince was pretty good, and i hope in the future they will become even more challenging (but with a long route, so we will actually see several different approaches instead of the 2/3 we see with this one).


Pretty quick one really as I sniped through the trees. Almost didn’t take the shot as I wasn’t 100% sure it was him, but went with my gut.


The Prince literally changed everything inside the order of NPC at the church and some outside.




Off topic but I love your name and profile pic. Makes me wanna rewatch Carnivale!


Grabbed a body guard disguise, grabbed my silenced sniper, headshot from the barge, “yawn” finally some pay back after being screwed out of the prince ET due to the subdue glitch. This ET was pretty lousy in comparison though.


My run. SA/AO, 2:15


Finally finished this by sprinting to to the glass to poison it. Killed him at the TRASH CAN (not toilet) in the restroom. After all the hassle I STILL didn’t get a SA rating even though I got 5/5 rating. :rolling_eyes:
Wonder what I did wrong…


i did posion fiber wire sa route just like everyone else