Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


I don’t think all of these poison/bathroom kills should be viewed as a problem with the mission design; they should be viewed as yet another indictment of being allowed to restart.

It seems as though the target only drinks from the glass once; therefore, if we weren’t able to restart, many players would have had to re-evaluate their strategy and find another way to kill him. The problem here is that players could restart and quickly rush to his glass to poison it, exploiting “time travel”, which shouldn’t be a part of the game. lol

As far as I’m aware, this is Hitman – not Back to the Future, or Dishonored 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. If we have infinite restarts, the ICA may as well provide 47 with one of these nifty devices, too.


Lol, am i the only one who actually didn’t use any poison and got SA?


i failed my first 1 :(((((((((


Anyone actually work out what the heck is the point of turning off the music on the bulletproof laptop? Oh and uploaded SA/SO. Credit to @Fortheseven for the help on FE placement


i agree, even though i like the idea of the restart, if you are gonna go hard in the paint go all the way. no restarts. you mess up a load out? ah well. you pushed the wrong button? ah well. your mom is calling you to get off the game/your girfriend wants to have sex? ah well.

for real they shouldn’t even allow you to pause, it is a living world of assianation after all. The only “pause” you have is parking 47 in the blend in mode and hoping the target doesnt walk off the map.

thats real.


Spoken like a champ Drebin. Restarts are for server screw ups an out right glitches imo. All the better for those who live by that standard, but to each their own. Let those who need them for perfect runs use them. Maybe io will starting knocking off 10k per restart for those who are leader board fans (not me). Regardless, I’m just looking forward to fun contracts an new suits :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit. Bateson would be proud of you both.


After seeing your run, I think my game glitched, too. I got three stars, and a “crime noticed” notification, but there was nobody around to spot me taking my silenced sniper shot. I was on the very highest floor of the mansion and all alone. The only points deduction I should have gotten is “bodies found”, hence four stars.

I’m not bothered about my score; just thought I’d mention it since you got the same issue.

Or … maybe there was no glitch. Maybe IO have changed the rules. But, if so, that seems awfully harsh on people who enjoy sniping … that they can’t avoid losing two stars whenever they do it.


If anyone finds an actual use for the laptop I am dying to know. It’ll never help me as I have already done the contract. I was part of the herd. I poisen and bathroom killed. But I am super curious.


I am so irritated right now!!! I spent a good hour on this mission. I was right beside the dude watching his every move for at least 5 minutes to see what he did. Not ONCE did he pick up a single drink. I had 4 things of rat poison with me too. All he did was walk back and forth and talk on his phone at each point.

I eventually got fed up, shot him in the head and of course was gunned down.

How come he never drank anything?!?!?!


I recommend to always bring a sniper rifle to all the ET precisely to avoid this situation. You should also bring one of the explosive ducks if you can.


Here is my blind, no restarts run huheueheuh


I restarted a couple times, couldn’t seem to get over to his vodka in time. My third try, I started as the AV guy, grabbed the firework remote and triggered it immediately. That gave me plenty of time to get the auction staff guy and run down to his drink. Everyone was frozen, watching the fireworks. I nuked the drink then waited by the gate for him to come out. Fiberwire in the bathroom.

Then I stupidly decided to try for the copter, instead of just walking out the front door. Got spotted, blew my SA rating. Ah well, it was fun, I’m 2/3 on SA for Elusives.


lol. I know you’re annoyed, but I actually have respect for you for going to Plan B … even though it was a terrible Plan B. :smile:

Most people would have just restarted to poison his drink. I believe he only drinks once, and if you miss it you’re supposed to come up with another strategy.


Has anyone tried dressing as a tech guy and using a wrench to loosen the valves on the gas lamps?

The target smokes. That seems like it’d be a way to get him to take himself out in an explosion. I thought about trying it, but I went with sniping instead.


not sure tech dudes are allowed inside the party


Maybe they’re not. I don’t know. I wonder if anyone tried.


It’s easier if you just shoot to the lamp.


That’s true, but I’m just wondering if IO made this guy a smoker specifically for that accident kill, which nobody seems to have attempted. lol


Not really any point to try in this target. There are only 2 sure ways to kill him without colateral: the poisoning or sniping and the target himself wasn’t too fluid in his pattern.