Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


They are not allowed.


Here’s my run without poison and with silent assassin rank :wink:


lol. Nice. I’m all about the roleplaying and not restarting, so I never would have attempted something so comical or so risky, but you definitely put the work in and you more than deserve your SA rank. Well done.:smile:


Unsilenced Sniper Accident (SA/AO 3:35) Took inspiration from a lot of you guys on here, but added my own little twist! :slight_smile:


hey i noticed you got the “unlock pending” escalation challenge on the mission accomplished screen.
have you completed ET 1-4 on SA? If you have, could you check whether you got Absolution Suit?
because me and @Gundamn got it.


That was hilarious :joy: But that really sucks though, I felt his pain lol


Sounds like the dialogue in Absolution :laughing:


Do you have the Absolution Suit?


Not since the last time I checked :tired_face: Sucks though… Yeah well, just one more target! Hbu?


it’s hilarious, i watched it 3 times already and still laughing everytime Mr.Freeze screamed… :joy:


Me too! That will never get old haha that really gotta suck though. That is why I will NEVER play around with bombs, during Elusives…ever! :laughing:

Not to mention your more than likely to take out others than just the target. Too risky for such a “messy” approach.


Sniped him, 3 fleurs!


I took the easy snipe since I was traveling last week and missed Elusive Target #3 altogether. I really wish the clock would start ticking when you first log in as opposed to missing it altogether because one has to travel on an Elusive Target day.


I think it’s both, but much more an indication of bad design. This was the most restrictive ET yet, by far. I have seen emetic poison initiated kills, fire extinguisher kills, and a combination of the two for Silent Assassin runs (four of which were practically identical from people I know didn’t watch anyone else), and sniper for people who don’t care about SA. If I designed a target and saw the same uninspired kills over and over, I’d chalk that up to a poor job done on my part. Maybe that’s just me.


That’s exactly the same way I completed it, except afterwards I had previously taken out the auction stuff guy in that room on 2nd floor. I took his clothes and went downstairs, as I was going down the stairs there were a ton of bodyguards rushing inside and right past me up the stairs. Ran to catacombs exit. 3/5. First time sniping an elusive


I tried Sniping him but as soon as I shot the target the guards started shooting at me and killed me, all the way up the sniping position…


Maybe you were too close? I sniped him from that noisy boat thing and had no guards running after me.


Lol, shit was intense, I could see it in your movement you were crapping your pants when trying to get away slowly and calmly :smiley: smile and wave boys, smile and wave.


Felt like a really rushed elusive, just for the E3 I guess. I mean the guy had no real path and he really did nothing other than talk on the phone. Getting SA was really tricky trying to outrun the guy to the vodka glass… I still had the poisoning animation going on as he took a sip from it. :smiley:

Rating this the worst elusive so far, Prince was sky high when it come to an elusive target but right now we just fell all the way to the bottom


I fucking failed it. I used the silenced sniper to kill quick the target. But with my great surprise I equipped the other one with no Silencer.
So the guards spotted me immediately and shot me dead