Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


Rushed and buggy, that’s the impression you want to give at E3! Go Hitman!


I killed him with the Jaegen 7, dressed as a Cicada Bodyguard, hidden near the trees outside the garden, trough the gate. I didn’t get Silent Assassin, but this time I didn’t fail. This is the second elusive I kill, after Larin. Paris is a lucky location for me


I searched for an SA method and gave up in favor of sniping from the barge. Usually in the story mission I just leave as fast as possible from it and am perfectly fine, but this time I decided to have a backup plan in case something went wrong.
I’m sure glad I did! When I sniped him, the guards below instantly opened fire on me, so leaving the barge right away wasn’t a good idea. Fortunately, the backup plan I had scoped out moments before was a little hiding spot behind some red metal on the deck.When they all calmed down, I slipped out and escaped. I was disappointed I wasn’t able to think of a decent SA method, but I’m pretty proud I survived getting shot at.


That’s where I sniped him from. But as soon as I shot him guards started shooting right at me.


Thanks, yes, i restarted few times, but only because i was certain he doesn’t drink anything :unamused: and i wish to get SA so bad…

Yes, i did them with SA. Must check it up, when i’ll have access to the game…


I used the silenced sniper.


ah. yeah I used the unsilenced. :confused:


There should have been a little more variety, perhaps; but now and again 47 is going to run into a situation where his target is in a crowd and there aren’t many viable kill methods. That’s believable.

It shouldn’t happen all the time; that’s lazy. But now and again, it’s believable.

Plus, this is an Elusive target; not a main mission. People expect incredible level design from IO in all Elusive contracts, and yet they don’t expect IO to be able to eradicate game-breaking glitches, thus allowing them to eliminate restarts?

If players hold IO up to such high standards in one department, they should do it in the other, more serious, department, as well. Implementing no restarts would have a much more positive effect on this mode than giving us two more ways to kill The Sensation.

This mode was touted as being the closest IO can get to providing a true-to-life hitman experience. So why do I see so many videos of people running around the level at top speed, pulling off crazy Loony Tunes kills? Is that the experience IO were talking about? No; that’s a direct result of restarts.

(P.S. Nothing against the guys who make the crazier videos; they’re a lot of fun to watch! I’m just saying that those kinds of kills are not supposed to be what the mode is about. This mode is supposed to be about extreme tension through the simulation of a real hit. You can do all of the crazy stuff you like in the main game, and in almost every other game on the market.)


SA with battle axe

It’s quite boring though, just poisoning him and instead of drowning/fiber wire i used the axe. Wanted to do this SA/SO but that just seems impossible.


I triggered the fireworks to have everybody at the party off guard. I then unlocked the gate, shot him through the head with the silverballer and ran away, escaping by chopper. Fun to see all the guards running out of the gate while the chopper escapes.


I see your point, but unlike the previous ET’s this one barely had any route. Atleast with the previous ones there were several spots/locations where you could take him out, with this one you don’t, and that’s my main issue.


I agree that the contract could have been better, Fortheseven. It did feel like a bit of a let-down after the excellently designed Priest contract in Sapienza. I was expecting the entire area at the exterior of the mansion to be a sprawling party scene.

I was just disagreeing with the suggestion that the lack of variety in this one, temporary Elusive mission is a bigger problem than being able to restart whenever you like.

Having only a few kill methods is occasionally justifiable; having infinite restarts, in my opinion, isn’t.


Ahhhh, if he only drinks it once then damn! Of course I’d miss it. I was still staking out the area trying to avoid the patrolling guards who would spot me so he went through his routine at least 4 or 5 times I’d say. Ah well, this is the closest I’ve made it so far in any of the elusive targets LOL


Frustrated head-shot FTW. Like I said, you have my respect for that.

I would have liked to see the video, accompanied by your yell of fustration. lol

“Just DIE, Lex Luthor!”


I think the red on the sleeve is not blood stain, but the red tie texture that “bleed” to the sleeve part of the 3D model.


It’s not so much only having a few kill methods, but his route. Almost every run i saw is either poison, sniping, or fire extinquisher, all in the same position/location, and that’s a sad thing imo. With all the previous ET’s we saw alot more variation. I agree with the restarts, we already discussed this, but for this target his route was just so lacking.


Maybe this ET was dumbed down so that Square Enix CEO can play it without too much hassle at the E3??


I don’t see that as a valid reason, the first elusive target was extremely easy to pull off, but he still had a fun route which allowed for alot of variation. This one just doesn’t.


What do you mean? I think they just used that promotion picture for reference:

Would be interesting to see an option to close the jacket.


Cool. I didn’t even turn to mess with him yet as I found The Sensation on my very first time looking through the scope, which was surprising to me. This was much quicker than I had anticipated.