Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


What I’m seeing is that the PC version seems to be getting this “bug”. This is the best bug ever.


This target is an absolute pain in the ass!

I disguised as an auction staff and followed his short, boring, repetitive route for a while, wanted to poison him to get SA but didn’t see him taking a sip of anything, and later found out he only drank from the Vodka glass once. Then I entered this “hell of restarts” trying to outrun him to get to the glass first - which I actually made it - but it turned out this dude had severe Parkinson’s or something and he just kept breaking the damn glass! I turned around he broke it; I stood still he broke it; I stood too close he again friggin’ broke it. Urghhh…

After the 10th attemp (yeh I know I stink big time), I gave up, took my sniper and shot this annoying asshole in the head.


Showing the target in a location that is so easily sniped, lol… oh well, that easy win makes up for me missing the last one.


Done, SA, Emetic Poison and fiber wire.


Let’s just say my parrot looked quite concerned after my long rant at my PC lol.


At least I shot the f*er in the head. He still died. :smiley:


Btw, this thought just pop up:

Did anyone try to take out the auction staff dude that turns off the music? Maybe if he isn’t there to turn the music off the target goes to a more secluded place to talk on the phone?


That’s a good idea! Any ideas on how to take the auction staff guy out? I have a few spare accounts I can test on…


You could lure him away.


If that’s the only way, I guess I’ll try that then.


I use emetic poison and shoot him in toilet. My first elusive target! There is no witnesses, but i don’t get Silent Assassin(( Why? Maybe, because i kill him in 2 shoots and he “spotted me”, or because i dont hide guy in closet ?


Yes that would ruin it. [quote=“Axel_Reznov, post:431, topic:8310”]
because i dont hide guy in closet ?

That doesn’t matter as long as they don’t find the body.


Check out my Elusive Target #4 SA/SO 2:40 speedrun!


I don’t have it and why should i? It’s supposed to be received after 5th e.t. not the 4th. Why you got it now? Is it something with Sarajevo six?


nah, i saw some guy on pc performing ET4 already in the absolution suit.


dang it. Just for fun I tried to make Dalia fall on top of Smythe. Sadly, it doesn’t work :frowning:


Isn’t that Dalia falling to Novikov a scripted thing? You can’t kill any other NPCs that way.


I never saw anyone argue to the contrary. I certainly never suggested that.


Nice, Andy! I cracked up when I saw you’re not trespassing at the party in your suit. Wish I’d figured that out. :smile:


Haha you haven’t seen that in other vids?


No, that’s the first SA/SO I’ve seen.