Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


Oke fair enough.


It is a scripted thing, but I was thinking that maybe it just did some kind of AoE effect that would kill him if he was in the same spot.


Yeah I think something went quite wrong with this ET. Almost feels like a half-finished build was uploaded on accident instead of the final one (if they ever got around to finishing it). The laptop/music thing clearly wasn’t working as intended, and I doubt the takes-1-drink-only move was intentional. Also some wasted opportunity in not letting the AV guys into the area for accident kills.

I enjoyed ET #'s 2 and 3 so much that I’m not like furious or thinking that the ETs are bad – just disappointed that this one seems to have gotten broken on its way to us. Especially since I really like how they changed the map and the general setup for this one. Strong premise, totally broken in execution.


Yeah, I spent more time trying to figure out where I was going to shoot him from. I originally went to the barge but realized they were going to swarm that area and I didn’t have a disguise, so it would’ve been a bad idea. Wound up on the 2nd floor balcony.


You’re right, you didn’t say that, I’m sorry. You said The Sensation contract was sub-par because of poor level design, first and foremost; and – although I agree that the contract was a little disappointing after The Priest – I still see the bigger failure as being the ability to restart, because succeeding in The Sensation would have required much more ingenuity had restarts not been an option.

Maybe it would have even required a messy approach. Maybe some people would have resorted to trying to use a handgun to “snipe” the target and then making a run for it. But I see that kind of dilemma as a good thing, if not overused.

Things shouldn’t always go your way in these contracts; the solution shouldn’t always be obvious. Sometimes – not all the time, but sometimes – you should have to attempt something risky, and scary, to get the job done.

It was the presence of restarts that turned this contract into an exercise in tedium, wherein people ran to poison Smythe’s glass as quickly as possible after beginning again and again. If they hadn’t been able to do that, it would have been, for some, an extremely tense “no-win” situation what would have forced people to improvise in exciting ways.

P.S. In fact, some people might have been forced to learn some of Fortheseven’s fire-extinguisher tricks, quick-sharp, to get the top done. lol


I started up on the Barge, originally I was going to go for the unsilenced Sniper but then decided against it and went for the Silenced Sniper and shot him straight in the face. It caused a bit of a disturbance but thankfully I got away in the Helicopter.


Haha thanks, but i wouldn’t call those my tricks, and i definitly wasn’t the first to attempt such stuff. People like Kotti and AlexNiedt introduced me to those, and then i just went crazy with them, almost an obsession haha.


If they started designed stuff that was impossible to play Silent Assassin style, I just wouldn’t play, to be honest. Not interested in that at all. They already did that with an escalation once, and they got an ear full and ended up patching the escalation.


It shouldn’t always be as difficult as it was in The Sensation to get the Silent Assassin rank, sans restarts. Absolutely not. But sometimes the way to do it shouldn’t be obvious, either, that’s all I’m saying.

And it wasn’t impossible to get Silent Assassin in this contract, even for those who missed the poisoning opportunity; someone above got the SA rank by luring party-goers away with coins.

P.S. And my apologies to you, Mr Niedt, for not acknowledging your creative fire-extinguisher/explosion/miscellaneous death-bringing skills; I haven’t seen many videos like that from anyone besides Fortheseven. I’ll be sure to check out some of your stuff. :slight_smile:


I know it wasn’t impossible. Far from it. All I was saying is this ET is very limited and I think it was very poorly designed. Turning off the music didn’t even do anything. When I commented about this on Twitter, even the Hitman account suggested it may be bugged. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that sucks. Definitely. And it would have annoyed me, too, had I not gone the sniper route.


Stop calling me Foretheseven :frowning:

Edit: you should check his videos, he got some awesome stuff.


I wish they’d ditch the SA challenges for ET’s. I think I would have enjoyed ET 4 a lot more if I had sniped him, but hey, I wanted that (admittedly meaningless) in-game achievement. Maybe that’s just my hang-up, but it doesn’t sit well with me that players are forced to choose between doing it “right” (and getting the arbitrary reward) or doing it their own imperfect way and having more fun.


Well I tried to poison his drink before reading this thread, ended up just cheating and used the remote duck, which is my 2nd time.

John Smith or whatever the hell his name was, pretty meh ET.

Also I think the hand radio got nerfed, it turned off every time I picked it up WTF.


Sorry, I went back and corrected my spellings … at least in my last couple of posts

I touch-type at about 85 WPM, meaning my flighty fingers often spell things incorrectly, or produce entirely the wrong words, without consulting the logical part of my brain. :confounded:


Haha np dude, call me whatever you want. You probably noticed i got the letters FE in my nick, coincidence?:smirk:


Played this evening, completed but with 1 star only. Didn’t even know the target drank until reading this thread but I’m a strict no-restarter so will take the lack of SA on the chin.

Hung around the party in CICADA disguise for ages and couldn’t see a way to get the target alone for a silent kill, so grabbed my silenced sniper rifle and headed to the 3rd floor balconies outside the auction room and the laptop room. Didn’t feel able to take a shot without being spotted from there, so headed down to the second floor balcony by the helicopter (after subduing the Auction Waiter), and didn’t feel I could get a good enough angle from there. Stayed in the same room as the 2nd floor balcony and felt I had a better (workable) angle from inside the room so shot out the windows on the left (facing outwards) with my silenced pistol to allow for a clean sniper shot.

Got the target in my 1x zoom sights, lined up his head in the reticle, pulled the trigger… and he lived! Don’t know what the fuck happened (probably I just moved my aim slightly and missed), but he didn’t go down. Got a Crime Noticed notification and the guards all went apeshit. Now I’m absolutely bricking it because I’m sure that I’m going to be engaged in combat, not to mention that I’m scared that the target will do a runner and get the hell out of Dodge ASAP.

Luckily, this is where Shit 47’s contingency planning comes into its own. Grabbed the Auction Waiter disguise from the subdued NPC in the cupboard and ran downstairs with my silenced pistol and a pale duck in hand. Not sure if there was a frisk point for the Auction Waiter at the entrance to the gardens because guards were still fanning out searching for the shooter, so I ran straight into the open gate unchallenged. The target was still in the centre of the gardens so I dropped the pale duck at his feet and ran off leaving him to pick it up. Booked it down to the basement in double quick time and headed to the catacombs exit before detonating the duck and sending the target to kingdom come.

Messy as fuck (first time I’ve had cause to use my backup Pale Duck that accompanies me on every ET) but job done, so 4/4 on completions now and 1/4 SA rankings. Felt this was the worst designed ET of the 4 so far, but not allowing myself re-starts and having to improvise when a plan goes wrong still made this a really fun experience for me, so overall can’t complain about IOI’s work. Keep them coming!


I turn off music and suddenly all bodyguards in party start shooting at me, good AI.


Check out my kill, managed to eliminate him within 5 minutes! Loving this game so far, Sapienza especially was amazing.


I know, right?? SO glad that the game saw fit to go my way this time :wink: