Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


I didn’t go in with a plan for this one. I figured I might blow him up with the duck, but someone saw me dropping it and everyone immediately became suspicious so I restarted (I know, I know, I’m ashamed of myself too). So then I went back to the same place and poisoned his drink (assuming he’d already taken a sip), JUST in case. Well, it turned out that he hadn’t, because a couple seconds later everyone gasped as he dropped dead. I wasn’t expecting that, so I just ran like hell to the front exit.


Did it, not SA because screw that. I don’t have time to play games anymore, I work a lot. Luckily it came out on a Tuesday because I would of most definitely missed a weekend one this time around. I barely get to play the new episodes more then once.


Yea bro, real life is a disaster. I have one of those rare jobs where “full time” is like 15 days off a month and I still don’t have enough time for myself. Sometimes I just want to sit in my shorts all day with champagne, bon bon, and hitman


You wear shorts? Maybe I should try that. No wonder the neighbors are complaining.


I’m on floor 9 so my “neighbours” would need to be creeping hard with binoculars. I’m sure some have seen me naked and maybe even seen me playing hitman. But yes, usually I wear shorts


Just finished ET #4 and got my 4th SA!

I did it with a silencer Jaeger 7 + fire extinguisher and I used the Fireworks in my strategy.

Here’s where I placed the Fire Extinguisher:

And here’s where I take the shot from ground level inside the gated area. It’s not far from the pavilion, it’s in between the two pairs of posted guards.

I climbed all around the mansion before I realized how I could just take the shot from ground level which is much faster and safer.

I also discovered that the Fireworks completely held every NPC in the party area static. I figured that’s the best way to guarantee an SA in such a crowded area.

I waited until The Sensation is clapping alone in the pavilion and triggered the fireworks. This gives me time to get to my angle and take the shot:

Success! The Fireworks were still going as I got to the private helicopter and took off. That darker ET skybox is pretty with the fireworks, I was too busy fist pumping to take a screenshot of that.

I enjoyed taking the time to plan and tweak the plan with this ET, I spent a good bit of time in Showstopper testing the fire extinguisher range since those lamps in the Pavilion area explode. And I didn’t want any accidental non targets taken out. Only downside to my strategy was waiting around on a good chance to take him out alone.

Fun mission.


Hilarious. That should be a bug, sounds like it’s on par with the Marrakesh prisoner not actually being a prisoner.


Well done. Very creative.

So do all deaths by fire-extinguisher count as accident kills? I’ve never really used them.


Haha, thanks! 47 becomes a “special guest” inside the party!xD


As long as it’s just your target, yeah, it should count as an accident.

Fire Extinguishers are a portable accident.

And apparently I made it much harder on myself, there’s a much faster / simpler spot by where he drinks poison… But I did want to kill him while he’s clapping like an idiot all alone.


Well I didn’t try this method since I did this elusive in one go but, do you guys recall when the Sensation yells “cut the music” when he gets a phone call?

Do you guys think if you were disguised as palace staff, you could have actually “cut the music?” Maybe that would have triggered him to take an alternate route??? :thinking: Just a thought…


I guess we’ll never know, since we can’t play it again.

Elusives, I loved you in theory, but realized I don’t like you in execution.


How much time is the sensation available yet? Perhaps sombody that didn’t play it yet could try out that method? I have a strong feeling that MAY work…


Not too sure. The post on Steam said 35 hours left, and I think that was posted 15 hours ago. So maybe 19 or 20 hours left?


Well anyhow, hopefully someone that didn’t play it yet see’s my post and gives it a try. It may not work, but it seems very logical…

Definitely worth a try anyway.


My kinda Hitman :wink:

I knew that the party would be in the Gardens since its a secluded and well guarded area, and I decided that Sniping the little shit is the best way to do it.

I wanted to use the fireworks as well - since I realized in my main mission playthrough that they are really effective in grabbing NPC attention - but didn’t have the time to pull that off.

First order of business was to actually infiltrate the party and figure out the Target’s routine - easy as piss - I booped the target…and realized that the balcony lining Dahlia’s office would be an excellent spot.

I grabbed my stashed rifle…KO’d the one guard there and lined up a beautiful headshot…spraying a supermodel’s face with the target’s brains

That done…I ditch the rifle and escape from the attic stairs. As I am walking out…I get busted by an Enforcer! the one outside at the main entrance…I frantically keep walking…I’m seconds from the exit…and I make it. Phew! This guy is chasing after me - “Sir! Hey!” - and I just make it out…walk into the crowds outside.

I REALLY enjoyed this contract because my playthrough was basically a showcase of how strong the core mechanics are.

This contract also made me wish we could replay the Elusives later on - maybe after the Season finale…because I REALLY wanted to experiment with this contract



I can try that later today. I have a few spare accounts

Also, I believe I’d still get detected from past experience, but I’ll try


I wonder does it make any difference in causing an accident if you shoot extinguisher once or twice? Double shot causes immediate explosion, does it count as an accident as well?
P.S. Is your avatar from American McGee’s Alice? :wink:


Hey all! I had fun with this one, I wanted to blow his ass up with the duck. A quick run through showed me palace staff are trespassers, so I initially went with auction staff for poison purpose. But, I REALLY wanted to blow him up. So, I try Helmut’s outfit no one sees me and decide on the Sheikh cause I love that costume. I also grabbed the fireworks remote to see what would happen.

My first run I was sheikh, got in there, started fireworks, bumped into him and dropped duckie. He picked it up, like magic. But, alas I like to stream it so I restarted. Every time after that someone else would pick it up.

So, basically, when I went live I started as palace staff, carrying duckie, lethal poison (liquid) and hid sniper-silent one. I then shot camera, grabbed master key and crowbar. I went through kitchen subdued tech guy took clothes. I grabbed fireworks remote and headed to Sheikh ma geeky where I subdued him in the bathroom. I then ran through grabbed the speedboat keys.Back down the stairs where I left tech guy and headed outside. I went to the furthest entrance closest to speedboat stairs. I could have gone right in, but I wanted that gate unlocked for a quick getaway.

Long story short, best I could do is set off fireworks, drop duckie-OF COURSE-someone else picked it up, but since they were next to him I just hit BOOM. A few white dots appeared but I hightailed it to that back exit down to the boat and I was out. 5 non targets killed LOL that duckie is powerful! Score, not awesome but kill was fun as hell.
Sheikh takes on Sensation with Duckie