Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


I didn’t really opt for SA. As my first elusive when I saw the area the target was in I was sure this is the time to use a sniper. Got 2 bodies found but I don’t care. It was fun sniping.

I just wish I could replay it and try other ways. There has to be a way in pc to trick the game to replay that mission.


yes I totally agree. A friend of mine is on a player panel and he suggested we get to replay elusives. I didn’t agree at first, but now I do, simply b/c its fun to try different methods of killing a target. and they are special, heavily guarded so it adds difficulty. One shot is great and all, but I wanna kill them again a different way! .


I remember someone saying they didn’t get SA with the double tap. My guess is any “bullet impact noticed” counts as getting spotted and even if you do the accident correctly, getting spotted once blows the whole thing.

And about my avatar, it’s this random image I found over 10 years ago. I’ve always liked it and kept it over the years but I have no idea where it is from. I’ve even drawn it once or twice myself.


If only not those shit bugs… . Finished off HITMAN would bring great elusive targets, and then i think i’d be more against restarts than now… but… everyone knows the current situation -.-

@HitmanRocky i think it might be from this game:


yes I want to redo the elusives! I posted below about that, but I totally agree with you I want to replay them different ways.


It might be fan art from that game maybe. But it’s definitely not that exactly, the eyes are yellow in the trailer you linked.


Yes, i found that out now too.

Yes, maybe.


Just attempted it today. I figured that attending the party in a unique disguise would be best, so I snagged the fireworks remote and knocked out Helmut. I got inside the party and followed him for a while, realising that he doesn’t really do much apart from wander about. I tested what the fireworks remote did and didn’t realise that I could perhaps sabotage the lights before the NPC’s were no longer distracted.

Plan B, knock out a guard, take the silenced Jaeger from the shed and climb up the piping to the second floor balcony. Then I subdued the waiter in that room and tried to line up a shot. Turns out there’s a massive tree blocking the Gazebo-thing. Waiting for his head to poke out from the gaps between branches, I can safely say it was the most tense I’ve ever felt sniping in a Hitman game. Eventually took the shot, struck him in the chest at first but then followed it up with a headshot. I escaped on the jetboat with no-one the wiser.

Then I realise I got spotted by a security camera right at the start and forgot to wipe the footage! Even so, with all other bodies hidden and never being spotted, only 1 star?? That doesn’t seem right.


This would make you lose your unnoticed kill bonus.

This would make you lose your never spotted and no recording bonus.

And since you sniped him a body was found, leaving you with the 1 star for completing the objective.


Just did my run. Just missed SA/SO. A couple civies were just a tad too close to the heater. I thought they were far enough away. Oh well. Posted the vid on the ET mission accomplished thread, post #297 if anyone wants to see it.


Ye those gas heaters create quite an explosion, shouldn’t underestimate the radius of those :stuck_out_tongue:


Did it yesterday! No Restarts, so I tried to edit it down a bit for you when I was aimlessly looking around.

Sniping is officially the most tense thing for me, haha. I panic that I’ll get caught during the escape.


Speaking of that, I really wish I got the Forger kill on video. I shot him in the face as he reacted to my knockout throw on his bodyguard. Still got SA.

I’m still not sure how that happened. And I’ve not been ballsy enough to try it again.

@Fortheseven He spun around because he heard the noise and I shot him square in the front of his head. It might have been just in time before he “spotted me” I guess. It was a clean 1 shot 1 kill and it was fast. I maybe got incredibly lucky on the window.


That sounds weird, did he spot you? Did he get spooked?

Edit: ye that must be it, as long as he didn’t spot/react to you you’re in the clear. I imagine it’s a very small window though, wouldn’t try to replicate it with elusives haha. You could do some testing in main missions or whatever.


I stole the fireworks remote, but then ended up not using it, because my sniping post was the third-floor balcony outside Dalia’s office, and I had this irrational feeling that if I set the fireworks off, everyone would look upwards, towards where I was, and it was better that they keep talking over their drinks.

I realized afterwards that the game’s AI isn’t that smart, but I was caught in the moment. lol


Did you make that? It’s hilarious. I wish we had newspapers in game.


Nice job.

The way you took out the evidence was cool. I knew it was possible to do it that way, but that’s the first time I’ve seen it.

It was very similar to my hit. You roleplay it, too

And I actually started the mission in the tuxedo, specifically because I didn’t want to have to leave 47’s signature suit behind, or go back and collect it like you did. lol


Good stuff. Not a fan of the snipe, I prefer the up close stuff. So I always enjoy seeing someone with some skill shoot.

Look like the very tip of the skull or was the bullet drop and you got him in the ear? lol


I like the up close and personal approach occasionally, but I find there’s so much risk in it!

As you can see in my video, the tension gets to me, haha


lol I did this for the last ET and I nearly got killed I was really lucky but yeah ALWAYS take a sniper as a plan B it made #4 alot easier for me