Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


Couldn’t figure out a decent SA-worthy method, finally said ‘fuck it’ and blew his head off with a sniper rifle. No SA, again, but another one bites the dust.


Ok cool, repot back here when you tried it out lol I’m very curious :smiley:


I can do it now :slight_smile:


Let us know if it works!
Remember, wear the auction staff disguise and wait for the Sensation to yell “cut the music” before you do it :smile:


I used a bug to kill “The Sensation”. And I have SA, again.
I knew he’s changing his route after drinking a glass of vodka. So I was faster. I dressed as a black waiter/auction staff and started poisoning a vodka when he started drinking. :smile:
Then, I shot him in the back with ICA Chrome in the toilet.


I feel like this ET was rushed and unfinished and basically broken.

I prepped well for this one after first finding his party: got auction staff outfit, disabled cameras, grabbed fireworks remote, palace key, emetic poison, regular poison, wrench (for knockouts and gas heater accidents), knife. Had a sniper rifle stored just in case.

Then I watched him. And watched him. And watched him. Nothing. No options to do anything - he doesn’t drink (I have since found out you need to all-out sprint to get to his glass in time for his one sip). He doesn’t leave the party for anything. I blew the fireworks. Nothing. He doesn’t move and neither do his party guests. I went to turn off the music, but I’m not allowed (despite a different auction staff doing it without problem… of course the music itself didn’t turn off). F this, I’m outta here.

I get the Helmut outfit and makeup, as I thought I saw him in the briefing photos. Maybe they are buddies or Jonathan idolizes Helmut and that lets me get him away? Nope. No difference just a few ‘Helmut whatup bro’ comments.

OK, let’s get the CICADA outfit. Nothing in the party that I can do as CICADA. I go to find Max Decker in case his arrival will disrupt the party somehow. He’s not even there…

F this. Get sniper rifle, clear Dalia’s office of people via dongle. Snipe this mofo in the head from the balcony. Slide back down and escape into the catacombs.

I feel like this ET was unfinished and that frustrates me as somebody who tries not to restart them. The only way to get SA on this would be through a restart so that you could get to his glass in time. I would wager that when these ETs are all rereleased for replay at the end of the season this one will be ‘fixed’ in some way, proving that it was indeed broken at release.


@AGENT4T7 so I tried to turn off the music when he told me but I just got detected…

anything else I should try while I’m on the ET?


What happens when you trigger the fire alarm?


I’ll try now…

EDIT: @Birdie nothing happens. Everyone at the party and the bodyguards at the gate do what they normally do, sadly.


Okay, thanks for checking.


Kill everyone at the party except the ET, and see how he reacts.


OK, sure


What happens if you shoot the laptop (from distance, I guess)? Does getting your Helmut on let you turn the music on and off without drawing attention?


Apparently shooting the laptop turns the music off (a staff member always turns it back on though).

Not sure about Helmut, though, I’ll try that


Get rid of the staff member first, then shoot it, and watch what happens


Thanks! I’m just hoping that there’s some neat way to do the mission involving the music, seeing as it’s turn-off-able and he specifically asks for it to be turned off at one point


OK so @Fortheseven I died trying to clear the party, but WORRY NOT! I have account #3!

So I need to: Turn off music as helmut, and
Remove auction staff then turn off


I was almost positive that would have worked… Would have definitely made sense :confused: Yeah well, can’t really think of anything else that would cause him to take a different route.

Guess this elusive was just very bland :disappointed:


See if you can make Jonathan flee the level.

I’ve seen a lot of hype about these ETs fleeing if you miss the opportunity, but do they actually leave the level? I haven’t seen anybody who failed the missions yet because the ET fled the level, never to be seen again.


Try just shooting him in the leg (don’t kill him) see what he does…