Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


Can anybody help me out I’m trying to play the sensation but it’s only at the briefing screen objectives, planning,and play don’t show up


Kruger cannot turn off music without suspicion


Wtf is @Spoderman up to? And how?


Well I disposed of the staff guy and shot the laptop, music is permanently off but nothing has changed. Going to try to get him to escape now


He is doing God’s work with extra accounts.


I admire all your effort to try to make something outta this poor ET :frowning:


Everyone, I’m sorry to say that I died on two spare accounts. It’s possible that I could use other spare accounts, but it would be hard to access them, so this is it I’m afraid.

I tried to get him to escape but he didn’t move. I died though so maybe he would’ve left if I waited longer.


Turning the music off/on as something to do with him having a phone call.

I think you actually should “turn it on” a bit after he said “turn the music off!” and he’s talking on the phone.
HOWEVER. I checked the laptop at that point and it said… “turn off the music”. While it was supposedly off (even though we could still hear it).
I believe that turning the music on is supposed to make him go away in a secluded place to have his phone call but… it looks glitched


This is something I’ve suspected for a while, especially on this seemingly rushed ET. The targets aren’t actually programmed to escape the levels completely, and will only run around (or in this case, stand around…) like all the other NPCs.


Suit only, silent assassin and fibre wire, and a tactic to manipulate panicked elusives


Yep, it looks like by saying about target’s escape IOI meant just the end of time of an elusive target.
@Stevie_Grand you should take that dead body with you on motor boat to show Diana.


Pretty slick, just kinda bummed you had to chase him around with a coin all gamey and such to get a moment alone tho.

it was sweet seeing you take him down like that-first I seen without sniping killing him at the party.


Very nice work. You thought that through.

But, like Drebin said, it’s a shame that getting all “gamey” and using the coin trick was the only way to accomplish this.

Maybe NPCs should get suspicious if 47 acts too crazy around them for too long, even if he’s not technically doing anything wrong.


@Spoderman Oh well, my next request was going to be what happens if you show up as the Vampire Magician (the ET did take place at twilight after all :slight_smile: ) Thank you for sacrificing your alts to the greater good!


Thanks man, i tried many ways to try and separate the target from the crowd, some were close but in the end there were too many eyes on me , until through trial and error I discovered this method. Plus I had to do something different and challenging from non SA sniper runs, or fire extinguisher accidents SA/SOs and as I’ve completed previous elusives SA, SO Fibre


Ah dude, I can’t stand it.

I restart if someone sees my vault over a wall, haha.

When the police investigate the kill, I don’t want some witness saying, “Well… There was a guy climbing a drainage pipe! Bald, with a barcode on his head.”


Any one else think the sensation is basically Mason Musso from Metro Station??

PS Cyrus has returned and Metro Station is back together for anyone who loves 16yr old girl “scene pop” or “electro pop rock”


I finally got around to testing my theory that you can shoot people in the face in that very short spotted window when they react to something they hear like a thrown KO, and you definitely can.

I found that a great place to test it was the room in the school in Marrakesh where there’s 1 officer and 1 normal soldier. So I made a contract and tested it out. And it totally seems to be intended. They don’t see the downed body instantly.


Drum roll please


Jup, the featured contract get salty works great with this aswell