Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)



Plz use the search bar. We have a thread already for all ET’s. So I’ve sent your thread to purg.

But nobody knows the release date of this next et. Well know when we get the January roadmap in a few days.


thanks, sorry about that :slight_smile:


It’s reactivated at 30th february


You referring to ‘The Sensation’ Elusive Target 4? I’ts too much time up ahead yet. Anyways, is it official? :frowning:


Look at the date again and again


The clock is ticking… Get ready for the fourth Elusive Target Re-activation! The Sensation will be in Paris for 10 days starting at 2pm CET on Friday 12th January.


can’t wait to play this ET :slight_smile:


I can


Let the games begin…


My first time attempting an Elusive Target. Let’s see how I’ll do.


Waiting for the lil fucker, 1 more suit to unlock :sweat_smile:

Gaddamn guard routines

yea boi


Hmm strange, the E.T. does not go to a toilet (saw it in a video) after poisoning him. Instead, he walks to the “next” trashcan in the building, and he pukes the hell into it. Anyway I used a syringe near the door to the outside and lured him and killed him in the corner. So prepare to run and hope that nobody from the photo shooting will find his sensational body.


this was one of my least favorite targets, not all that motivated to tackle it today, perhaps this weekend… looking forward to seeing your attempts tho in the meantime :sunglasses:


If his body is found it doesn’t matter if he dies to poison, right? Since poison kills don’t give you a penalty for that.


Oh, so I could have just poisoning his drink and just run to the exit and wait until Diana says “target eliminated” and everything would be fine an S.A.?


I’m pretty sure you can. Poisoned targets are ‘‘accidents’’.


Here’s my run of The Sensation. :sunglasses:


If you don’t wait 3 seconds before you exit you will get a noticed kill.

and no, poison kills are not accidents. They just negate the body found penalty, that is all.


Thank you! I’ll keep this in my mind for upcoming E.Ts.


The Sensation SA 55s