Elusive Target #4 "The Sensation" (Reactivation)


Pay attention. :sweat_smile:


I said pay attention. :joy:

Maybe you can’t cuz your too busy calling ppl “cunts”.

See pic where the edit symbol?
Ya, that’s what I thought. :clown_face:


I know, thats why I laughed.


Lol that was crap. I couldn’t even electrocute him in the bathroom because he found another waste bin so I used the big one for just blowing him up. Didn’t expect much, didn’t get much. I believe The Gunrunner won’t be any better.


Got mine done. “Time to swim with the fishes”




Killed him with poison. Had to restart a few times to get the timing down, but I got it done! Helloooooo Terminus suit


Steam family sharing fixed? Or did you buy it again?


It’s not fixed, only Paris is available on other accounts. But fortunately this ET is on Paris hue


yes its fixed totaly. @Fortheseven lies


this is the mobile ica space program:


I thought he did considering he did about “trusting him” about A Cop’s Suit done faster Suit Only than with disguise changes. :joy:



(for the pc people)


Suit Only ‘‘Ghost Assassin’’ No one even got suspicious @ any time! It’s that easy…Full playthrough on the way.


No Fiber Wire today but this one is also nice I think:



I agree. This was a pretty bad ET. There’s basicly only one way to get SA (Emetic poison) since shooting him will cause a body to be found and there’s no way to really get him away from the crowd.

I did it a few times restarting over and over, doing the same acfions (basement, knock out syliist take clothes, get poison, go upstairs, knock out auction staff, go down, race with him and hope you’re fast enough to get to the drink (and if not start over). The ONE time I got it he instead of going to the bathroom he went to a well guarded hallway (guard watching, and two others preventing me from taking out that guard) so I couldn’t kill him, and he kept to well watched areas the whole time.

The last time I accidentally bumped him and he broke the glass. I had enough and shot him in the face with the pistol and got shot by guards running away.

I really don’t get how easy this mission is as people are saying it is, maybe they’re getting lucky, or I missed something. I like all the other ETs I’ve played so far, but F*** this mission.


There’s Lethal Poison (obviously), and that’s probably the EASIEST way to get SA, considering if one can get to his drink in time (and is disguised as a waiter or auction staff). If one only has access to the Emetic Poison, or Rat Poison from the Level… Then yeah, there’s much more possibility for complications, but I’m pretty sure even that can be managed… by manipulating the target. I’ve read you can get in front of any waste baskets and he’ll go somewhere else, but I’ve never done it with any other target/NPC. Heck. I’m pretty sure some of the waste bins in that area are next to ledges. So one could push him off into the water -I’d think. I have yet to see it done. :grinning:

Another possible way is shooting a fire extinguisher. But you have to be very careful with that and make sure that 1, nobody can see you shoot it, and 2, that any other NPCs aren’t close enough to become collateral damage.

This is my 4th one, and I have to say, it definitely was the easiest. The hardest (up to this point) would have to have been the Prince.


Well I failed it. I think what happened was I was walking around with a punctured fuel tank when someone must have been smoking nearby…

Got all the suits anyway. But was still kind of a bummer.


If you have all the suits, you can just miss this ET. You don’t miss anything.
I played it yesterday, and completed at first try with the most obviuosly way: pretty lame et imo, didn’t made me wanna try something better.

The Prince was awesome. Too bad i screwed my SA with that :sweat: