Elusive Target #5: The Gunrunner

Not my favorite target, but I enjoyed this particular run!


came home drunk from an awesome superbowl party, only to realize i still had an account left that i had to tackle for ET5, to get the job done before the deadline… welp, send in sloppy 47 ftw, lol :joy:

i really had fun knowing i should i died a few moments before it ended lol :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:


Looks like IO didn’t (or forgot) to update The Gunrunner challenge icon. It’s still the same from HITMAN where it appears as a silhouette in front of a black world map rather than a close up of the target’s face (which they’ve updated all other Legacy ETs to).

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All righty. After practically 3 years, it feels good to finally being able to do this ET without the constant worry of the game disconnecting and losing the target. My starting equipment.

Easiest to get disguise of an Elite Soldier.

Infiltrating the parking garage of the consulate and some lurings later, I applied the “Bling, Bling” treatment to the heads of 2 of the target’s bodyguards.

How do you deal with a cheap ass target who barely walks around the zone he spawns? You cheaply lure him with a gold bar of course, dropping and picking it up and making sure the greedy idiot follows you!

Boom boom, bang bang!

Went back for my suit and briefcase and exited by the main entrance at the bazaar.

No Bearmon this time, so here is a cute cartoony Sangheili.


I took this one WAY too safe, and too long. But in the end, I did get a little bit different kill.


How did you get him there?

Subdued all the guards in the basement, then did the weapon report chase “trick”. :smile:


As I’ve been doing with the ETs I missed the first time round I’m currently collecting dialogue. Has anyone encountered any unusual dialogue or been able to trigger any movements to different locations that reveal new interesting conversations / reactions? What about NPCs nearby talking about his presence?

To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be that much dialogue at all.


Despite it says accident kill in the scoring hud, I was forced to leave a flashy robot in an attempt to prevent the body from being found. Weird.


Guess i’ll have to skip this one, unfortunately.

I was wanting to push him into the well that has the (propaganda group) around it, but they don’t leave unless the other guy comes back, or you get his disguise (etc.)… And I didn’t feel like doing that much work.

If the Chameleon was boring, this guy is worst in this departament.

I just played it for the first time.
I started in an old school, got the uniform of the officer (with the red beret cap) and walked into target location. Oh, and I subdued and hid few soldiers in the tunnel. Then I trigger the explosive behind the truck and they all started evacuating towards the center of the tunnel. When the alarm cooled down, they all casually left, and Gunrunner was the last one leaving so I stopped him few times and when the cost was clear, I eliminated him.

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@TNT22 Why do you have to skip it this time?

He got a little itch in his head my guy.

I’m in a different city with a very mediocre laptop and extremly slow internet.

This elusive target has same last name, Đurić, as one of my best friends.

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Coincidence or he is(was) your best friend?

Actually Đurić is common Serbian last name.