Elusive Target #5: The Gunrunner

Not sure if this was directed at me, but i was just asking about his thoughts. So no idea what you are trying to achieve here.

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Not directed at you, but to everyone it applies to, so maybe you, if you feel that way. But not you, if you don’t feel that way, naturally.

IO posts pic

People be like: OMG, he iz in garg!!! He wilz stey dir forevrs i not can haz snipp!!

Basically, I’m trying to run everything through a PC so we can add trailers, different camera angles, concept art, pretty much anything goes. It’s exciting and should allow us to have better livestreams in general.


That’s why i asked him if he thought the ET would only stay in the garage. Nothing wrong with guessing. There’s a possibility he could just stay in the garage area though, just look at the sensation, motherfucker didn’t walk more than 10 meters.


Thanks. I didn’t see that

Makes sense. Good luck, hope you get it optimized properly.

I found this unreasonably funny. Maybe it is time to go home.


Haha i actually laughed a bit myself as soon as i posted it.

Perhaps me :smiley:?

It don’t bother me much :wink:.

Maybe the gunrunner would be easier if he went to the school? i’m thinking about the turret, gunrunner against a turret = Absolution suit… perhaps… :smiley:

I hope that they reprogrammed the guards down there. The guards in the garage area are to escort the Banker out. So you could pull the alarm and thus remove a bunch of people.

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Or is there?

If you go the “he wont move route”, and he does, you’re unprepared for anything else that may come up, like him walking lol. If, however, you actually do some discovery, learn surrounding area cams, exits, containers, etc… then you’re ready for anything, as any good Hitman should be. But, I guess you could just do all that at the time it’s released, then hit the good ol restart button and try, try again till you get it right haha. No discovery needed.

More coming…soon?

Is the soon joke played out yet?

You’re guessing too. We’re all excited and assessing the methods and routes based off existing ET’s.


Not guessing, being prepared that me may. Big difference.

I already know the garage area and the consulate inside out (apart from uniforms laying around, but who needs those) because i did dozens of different runs there. So i’m already prepared, because i remember my surroundings, as any good Hitman should.

Not sure if you’re directing this at me, but if so, don’t make me laugh.

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You should add this to your profile.


Yes, just respond to 1 part of a sentence, what are you even trying to achieve here?

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Not sure if you’re directing that towards me…

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Funny guy, oke i’ll bite, yes it was, now could you answer me? Really no clue what your issue is.

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No, not directed at you.