Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


Oh dear. You would of thought being that close to him youd notice the absence of his watch.


Yeah I don’t know what happened with that guy playing lol maybe he was just nervous about poising him and wasn’t paying attention lol

He also probably thought, since the “poison” worked he most likely thought that was the target. Seeing that the briefing said the brother can’t be harmed in any way. Which to most people would think that means “Poison” as well. :confused:

Still… Sucks for that guy, I feel for him lol


Thanks. The best thing is that Dylan drank the wine anyway with no result :smiley:


I liked the complication of identifying the right guy, but in general, I hope we get more where the targets aren’t so out in the open. An SA run with fiber wire kill is my ideal outcome and without having to do a bunch of gamey shit like repeatedly throwing coins and all that.


That’s why I don’t bother anymore and kill them with my trusted Jaeger Lancer. That really makes for the best playthrough imo. I never restart, plant the sniper in a safe spot then plan my shot after stalking my victim for a while: simple, efficient, and more importantly for me, atmospheric. I only wished there would be a way to get SA this way, but I guess it might be too easy.

On the other hand I absolutely hate the exploding FE counting as an accident. It’s such a cheap and easy way to achieve SA (and like you said, gamey)… I really hope they do something about that in the future.


Im 100% sure that someone here made a quote on the IGN interview to IOI during the E3 and tey assured us that disc-version players will never get to play ellusives.


I believe Torben said disc purchasers will not be able to play the elusives we get now (I think he was talking about the Sensation). There may be ETs after disc release though, just not replayable versions of these.


That’s a shame because some of them are really good. Id like to replay them especially the Prince
Seems like a waste not to put them on the disc after the live content is finished. Ah well. I’ve done every one so far.


Haha yet another thing we disagree on mate! :smiley:


Really do you not agree that going back to them would be fun? I mean the whole live thing would be redundant as it’s on disc and I’d presume they’d concentrate on Season 2. Is there anything we do agree on?


I really don’t, they would lose their charm.

Well we both think 47 is awesome, and we both think you are an awesome dad, so that’s something


Almost exactly my method as well. It’s a good sniper spot.


Where can I encounter this NPC then? Can you be more specific on his location/route? 10x


Thank you. I love being a dad, i live for it. Before my wife and children there was only 47.


I would give you a like, but I’m out of them. That is something really cute and nice to say. No doubt you really are a good father.


I would want them to be replayable but only on 2 conditions.

1 - That they are released as one free or relatively cheap DLC roughly no sooner than a year from now.

2 - That we are not told about it until such release, thus keeping the thrill or “charm” of them intact for everyone throughout its course.

I absolutely love the idea of one and done but can’t deny that I would also love to go back and play them at some point.


Or one of Toby’s main clients is a high-end Swiss watchmaker who takes out a contract on anyone who buys one of his watches


Just real quick, but…
Are we ever gonna have a female ET?? I mean I’m sure we will, but we’re gonna be going on what, number 7 soon and still no female?.. What is this sausage fest!? :joy:


When I first saw the twins I thought they were girls.
I never really bother about the, just another target. Unless they have an interesting story like Caruso.


Haha. No, no, it’s doesn’t bother me either, really. Just an observation :hugs: