Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


I was thinking just that. Some ladies would be nice. How about a female ICA agent that went rogue? I hope we get some evil elusives like war criminals or something. Imagine 47 taking out Nazi war criminals that fled to Argentina. I know it won’t happen due to the timeline.


I agree that it’s strange. 6 males in a row.


Males are more subject to getting murdered than woman though. But ye, im sure we will get some females aswell though.


Haha yeah something along those lines would be awesome. Although they did have a female ICA agent (target) that went rouge in the "Hitman:Sniper game (app) so it’s funny you mention that. It would make for an interesting elusive though :smiley:


When Japan comes, I want a Geisha as a target. I think it would be very interesting.


Maybe Mei-Ling did some shady things and becomes a future elusive :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No. I like her. I also want to see something weird and unique, like people in a costume party or something like that where you can’t harm any other guest in costume, only the target.


Lol yeah like “A dance with the devil” that would be fun to try and spot the target, if everyone is in a costume and the ICA don’t have full Intel on the targets costume. But they could give hints to his/her interests or habits that may help figure out what the costume would be… Something like that anyway.

I just wish for future Elusives to be like the mission in Hitman 2. Where we really have to observe the target and try to ID them based off their habits or personalities etc.


Agreed, but in a different setting though. Not a meeting of generals.


Of course not, but you get the idea…:wink:


Ye would be cool for some targets. Allthough when he got bodyguards it will be obvious who the target is ofcourse. I just like them to mix it up. Easy with difficult ones, and some extra variations, like having to identify him, or not being allowed to kill/harm another guy.


Well obviously if it were a scenario similar to a dance with the devil, they would have to make where the target don’t have bodyguards.

I honestly don’t see the point in all targets having bodyguards anyway…

Missions can still be challenging if a target don’t have bodyguards, that’s been proven in the past.


Holy crap someone failed by hitting the twin with the car. Can’t believe the odds of that.


There is another easy method… which I also tried myself.
You go to the apartment balcony on the beach side and execute him with the silent sniper rifle.
Because the Twin target with the watch will stick his head out as he leans to the railing over at this spot. and at that time you can easily snipe him. You can do it Suit only and somewhat SA… Bodies might be found,


How about an Eyes Wide Shut style sex party in the Paris museum, where everyone is wearing a mask and your target is a high-profile Paris escort who Knows Too Much because she’s a favorite of General Zaydan. You’d have, say, six probable targets at the party (based on general descriptions) with certain bits of info. Say, for example:

  1. She doesn’t smoke.
  2. She doesn’t drink wine.
  3. She has a friend named Lisa.

So, you’d have to follow and observe all the possibilities and eliminate them one by one from the list until you confirm your target. If IO did it right, it could be like a little logic puzzle, with many categories overlapping, but only one that fits all three criteria.


That would be brilliant, excellent idea!! :wink::+1:t2:


Lovely idea. Now it’s a matter of finding the appropiate setting.


Cool idea! Would love it if you could “rent” each one of those 6 to go to a room upstairs. Just like you can offer massages to different ppl in the consulate. And then kill her there.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plus, maybe 47 could finally get laid. Poor bugger probably doesn’t get much action … :cry:


Haha damn, that blows!! Lmao don’t 47 know your supposed to yield for pedestrians? :laughing:

But yeah @Keller that’s a great idea, maybe io could think of something similar to that for an elusive. Maybe the future locations like Thailand or US