Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


I just can think of parties involving BDSM, Halloween, maybe Christmas, include Furry and maybe some kind of cultural-local tradition, like an exotic dancer or something, to be the kind of situations where supreme care is required to kill the target.


Did you just assume their gender? This is 2016, check your privilege


Elusive Target number 7


Someone actually leaked the briefing for Elusive Target 7:


Retrieval is optional. Hmmm…


I want for they to say that this one comes the next Friday. I need to get closer to the Blood Money suit.


But we know 47 would never leave a trace, specially because he has a reputation to uphold.


Doesn’t have to be elusive target #7. Those 2 videos got leaked months ago, and we got several ET’s before the twin.

Pretty sure they made the briefing videos for alot of them already


I like the idea that anyone who ends up with that watch ends up getting whacked by 47. They should put it on a couple of future targets as well.


I like the Elusive targets, but my main suggestion is to have a little more flexibility for a few scenarios.

  1. If I’m travelling, I’d like to have the opportunity to do the targets once on my own time. I’d accept that my score doesn’t get posted to the leaderboard, or perhaps there’s a special “challenge” you get if you complete it during the window. Point is, some “light” method of being able to do them.

  2. Respecting they are supposed to be super rare, I’m a little bothered if in game rewards are going to be tied to them. I’d be willing to pay for each attempt after the first, or meet some hard in-game requirement (like earn Elusive Target retries after completing 10 unique Contracts). For the completionists among us, it stinks if you fail one.


My breakdown of the latest run…

  1. Start in the planning stage by adding some noxious poison to nullify your target.
  2. Enter the basement of the café and subdue the cook to get his pantyhose
  3. Wait in the winery for 3-5 minutes for the duel target to arrive.
  4. Laugh when one of the brothers DEMANDS that the other brother drink the wine first
  5. AFTER he takes a sip, THEN you poison it.
  6. Follow him to a hallway, knock out his pig tail and break his neck.
  7. Sail away into freedom knowing you disappointed one mother very, VERY much.


Interaction only with the target and no one else. Italian Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire Only/No Coins used/Full HUD Display Off


You guys have got some really cool kills! :relaxed:

I followed the twins for quite a while just to see if I could come up with anything interesting, but not really. Couldn’t be bothered to distract those gluey bodyguards, and the timing designed for poisoning the wine was so ridiculous that it made everyone look like a fool so I didn’t want to do it. In the end I just took the Sniper Rifle and shot Dylan from Rocco’s (THAT VOICE!!!:scream:) balcony as I noticed he always sat at the same spot at the coffee table.

So I didn’t get SA this time, which is fine by me. The only upsetting bit was that I had 1 non-target casualty. The bullet must have pierced through Dylan’s head and hit someone behind him. :anguished:


I spent ages following the twins, trying to find a way to deal with them discreetly. Tried to poison the wine after Gonzales had tasted it before Dylan took a sip, but it just ended up with Gonzales trying to drink again instead of Dylan. I ended up getting frustrated and just sniping Dylan from Rocco’s balcony as he sat on the patio. 3/5.

I’ll get SA on an elusive one day…


Oh my, played over 1 hr to get SA and SA the wrong brother… that was painful to watch :smiley:.


No. 4: She’s BALD!

I hate typing 20 characters.


It’s ok @Quinn . These targets get really tricky, specially if you keep yourself to restart, but the important thing is that you are getting closer to the BM suit.


I suspected that would happen. When I did the same thing you did, I aimed for the middle of Dylan’s chest instead of the head. It didn’t harm that guy behind him. Though I lost points because Rocco turned around right before I knocked him out. I’ve never had SA on the ET’s yet. I’m more concerned with execute and escape after failing the first one because the bodyguard caught me fibre wiring The Forger. Got the kill, died immediately afterward.


This is the best run I’ve seen so far. You’re a proper Agent 47. Staying cool and collected and not running and throwing coins all over the place.


Thanks :slight_smile: When i play Hitman or any stealth game, i always will do playthroughs where i only interact with the target(s) if the game allows it or is designed that way which enables you to do it. I’ll even do it without ever using any distractions if it is possible! This was the best method i could come up with for this mission… Thanks again :slight_smile: